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The Non-Transparent “Lancaster Citizens for Transparency in Government Facebook Page

August 7th, 2014

So I’ve been posting on the above mentioned page as embattled Selectwoman Susan Smiley is a friend. There’s a certain poster there who goes by the name “John Griffen”. Of course this person doesn’t exist, even admits that’s not his/her name. Uses a lame excuse that he “will not give my full real name as to the fact I am friendly with a lot of town workers”…Seriously?

Who in the hell would bother his/her friends over him/her being truthful with their identity! It certainly taints the Facebook page and it’s claims of wanting transparency.

The whole charade is masterminded by a few former town officials and people with financial interest in keeping Orlando Pacheco as Town Administrator. The rest have been led down the primrose path and are being whipped into a frenzy by these same delusional characters. Orlando was an embarrassment to Lancaster as it was.

The person who spearheaded Lancaster’s recall legislation has already been quoted in the Sentinel newspaper as saying it was enacted specifically targeting the two Selectwomen! Hmmm, same person with the IT contract for Lancaster.

I’ll have more when my public records request is filled, or if it’s filled! It’s been 5 business days now.

Lancaster And The Politics Of Personal Destruction

July 14th, 2014

The sleepy little bedroom community of Lancaster has embarked on a dark new chapter in its history. In a very vengeful conquest wreaking or retribution they have voted in and had signed into law a recall provision. This was the brainchild of some former town officials and the spearheaded by the CEO Lancaster’s ”contracted” IT service company, Frank Leonard.

The cataclysmic events erupted when the Selectboard decided to not renew Town Administrator Orlando Pacheco’s contract which is absolutely legal. They also didn’t like it that there was no public comment which in my opinion would have been a worse mob scene than they already had. Public comment is not required but is typically on the agenda. It’s usually a small block of time as well, so with 100 people I would think it was not a good idea for that particular meeting.

So enter Frank Leonard, former candidate for the Board of Selectmen who doesn’t like the two current Selectwomen, Jean Syria and Susan Smiley. This is very evident in the newspaper article where he was quoted as saying “I’m not sure if it’s going to be today, but it will be no later than Monday,” said Leonard. “My intention is to gather the troops.” The article also says “The intended targets from Leonard and other recall supporters are Selectman Jean Syria and Susan Smiley.” Now that Mr. Leonard has made his intentions known and he shepherded the recall provision into law he can sit back and let the Lancastrians he whipped into a frenzy do the heavy lifting, his dirty work!

So people of Lancaster what’s it going to be? Whip the shit out of the two woman that rightly and legally voted to not renew a contract or maybe just work together to make your community a good place to live…Orlando had plenty of skeletons in his closet, coverups in Town Hall. His late night booze cruise home from a strip club in Worcester that ended in a public spectacle in Westborough where he was arrested and made the news internationally.


Good job Ladies, you had the courage to exorcise the demons from the highest position in the Town of Lancaster, he made the town a laughing stock and should have been let go by the then current board but was not, even after extensive public outcry. In fact he was given a raise!!!

My conclusion is that Orlando was a manipulator of the highest order and had a core group of people that he “pleased” and they are the ones that are gunning for your Selectwomen. Don’t fall for this charade people, when the people that read the articles about your “stellar” town manager see that you’re trying to recall these woman that did the right thing they’ll really think you’ve gone off the deep end. As I said in posts on the Lancaster Citizens for Transparency in Government Facebook page:

“There’s both a whiff of retribution as well as vengeance in these actions. Of course you have the legal right to recall, it’s foolish as you just wait until the local election and folks could run for those seats. What is happening is the knee jerk reaction to a “legal” action. You are wasting taxpayer dollars as well.”


“Clinton had a similar situation years ago, we have a recall provision and a recall was called. The organizers got the signatures, the recall went forward and failed. The division it created in town would pit friends and neighbors against each other with the division lasting years, a decade or more. Do you really think retribution in the name of “democracy” is justice or a prudent path to take. I can tell you first hand it is not!


June 24th, 2013

Hey all you voters,

Please get out to cast your votes tomorrow June 25th.

I ask you as a person who cares to not vote for Kevin Haley as he would be a disaster to the Town of Clinton.

Personally I’m voting for Marc Iacobucci, He can get along with all the rest of the board and is not an arrogant person like Mr. Haley,  but someone who would listen and vote based on actual reasoning.   Dave Sargent is also a gentleman and will likely win first place.  So I do find it extremely important to make sure 2nd goes to Mark I.

With Haley it’s his way or the Highway.   Not a good attribute for a public official.

Also if you can see it in your heart, please vote for Gabriel Gomez, Ed Markey is a communist bastard.

As for the rest, Good luck to Tara Coyne on her race for Collector and either one of the school committee candidates are worthy.   (Bates seems a bit more approachable to me anyway.)

Joe Notaro

12 Reasons Not To…

June 12th, 2013

Vote for Mr. Kevin Haley

“Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.”   Abraham Lincoln

“This election belongs to the people of Clinton. It’s their decision. If they decide to turn their backs on common sense and vote for Haley, they’ll burn their asses. Then as is sometimes the case, they’ll just have to sit on their blistered behinds for another three years.” – Joe Notaro, With Apologies to Lincoln!

Clinton Has A Big Choice To Make

With Selectwoman Mary Rose Dickhaut dropping out of the BOS (board of selectmen) race Clinton has a clear choice in the coming local election. There are three candidates all of whom have experience serving on the board of selectmen.

Lets examine one of those candidates, Kevin Haley, who was an utterly presumptuous selectman during his term of office. You don’t need to think very hard to remember many of the antics he displayed and the blatant disregard he had for the citizens who elected him. Without further ado here are a few tidbits from his term in office.


I just went to candidates night, please read #5 below, Mr. Haley stated that one of his greatest achievements while in office was signing the Conservation Restriction on the Wekepeke. This was the Document that was holding the $353,600 Rauscher farm grant up and he was extremely reluctant to sign it.  Only after badgering from many citizens and the FORF did it get done. He was against it,  and Rauschers Farm.  Unbelieveable, Tony Fiorentino and I worked on changing restrictions in the inherited document leading up to the Rauscher Farm grant proposal, and worked  with Town Counsel and the state to get as much restrictive verbiage taken out as possible to secure Clinton’s right to use the land.  He was never on board with it!


1. He suspended public comment at BOS  meetings because he didn’t want to listen to you, the people.

2.  After denying citizens from speaking at public comment time he let a political ally speak for a Town Meeting warrant article that he supported, this was morally wrong and hypocritical.  He also didn’t allow/solicit an opposing viewpoint, (The article went down in a ball of flames).  This was such a controversial and undemocratic move that citizens added a petition to the Town Meeting warrant to force the BOS to have public comment. This passed Town Meeting by an overwhelming margin although it was eventually disallowed by state law governing open meeting laws.  It did make it’s point though.

3.  A prior board on which I served had changed public comment to the beginning of BOS meetings. This was so citizens wouldn’t have to wait for hours to talk for a couple minutes about something they found important. This was changed back to the end of meetings during Haley’s term to discourage comment.

4.  Even more importantly, comment was changed to the beginning of meetings to facilitate communication with  citizens who wished to speak on upcoming agenda items before action was taken by the BOS. For example a vote on an issue that may have effected the person wanting to comment and have their opinion or facts heard before a decision was made.  This is all very poor representation of “we the people”.

5.  He held up the application for a pre-approved state grant, almost losing the town $353,600. This was voted on and signed the night before it was due in Boston and had to be hand carried the next morning by our faithful Director of community and economic development.

6.  Voted to buy the American Legion property for an extremely high premium over what it was actually worth and it still lies dormant today accept for weeds and junk cars. It’s always nice to have a nearly $475,000 dollar vacant lot around to store junk cars on.

7.  In 2009 or 2010 Haley who was a member of the budget sub-committee restored the BOS $7,500 stipend that the board as a whole voted not to take a few weeks earlier. This was previously donated to the COA, Library and Emergency Management budgets a year earlier.

8.  During the public hearing on awarding a liquor license to either the Via Alta 27 or the Cocoa Creme cafe Haley spoke against the Cafe and for the Via Alta. The former was being financed by the lending institution Haley worked for. When the time came to vote he abstained. This was a direct conflict of interest where he should have recused himself and left the hearing.  Of course the BOS voted unanimously for the one with the best business plan and that was in the towns best interest – Not because of a politically motivated or financial gain reason!

9.  Haley worked hard to deny Brady-Sullivan the chance to rehabilitate the former Colonial Press property. This  included some behind the scenes crap including other town officials I won’t get into.  Luckily he wasn’t successful in this counter-productive pursuit. This would have denied Clinton tax revenue and as the folks at Brady Sullivan said, “kept it from becoming a pile of rubble” like the former ITT eyesore. In the end the true governing body who had jurisdiction, the planning board, not the BOS, approved it.

10.  While I was on the BOS with him (we overlapped for a year) I tried to bring up positive changes for town government,  some of which have been on the warrant at recent town meetings. Haley stared at the ceiling and would not comment or participate, much like a petulant child.

11. He vacillated on his support for OUR rifle range. He was for it before he was against it, and then for it, or was that against it?  Bottom line is he played games with it and never supported it,  just tried to sucker both sides into thinking he was on their side, but was on neither.

12.  Destroyed what Mike Ward called “The Best Working Personnel Board I have ever Seen” by removing the very people that this was said about. The board is supposed to have 5 members, now it only has one, the person Haley wanted back on it.

Now ask yourselves, were you better off before,  or after his three years of  nonsense?  Don’t let history repeat itself!

Spring Has Sprung – Bloodsport Is In The Air

May 8th, 2013

The beauty of spring is here and with that comes the local election season. Unlike last year there is actually a contested selectmen’s race, although the cast is made up of all selectmen and former selectmen. So much for new blood…Pun Intended!

Vying for seats are incumbents David Sargent and Maryrose Dickhaut and former selectmen Mark Iacobucci and Kevin Haley. This is actually a very interesting turn of events. I don’t remember anytime in the past when all the candidates were former selectmen.

I’m going to leave you hanging for a while and not comment on what I think may happen or on the candidates. I’ll wait until the caucus and see if anyone is put up as a potential “spoiler”. That will be very telling.

The Taxman Givith…!

December 7th, 2012

The Taxman Givith…!

OK, I don’t know what’s going on here but I feel like I entered an alternate universe last night. The Clinton BOS voted in a perplexing vote to LOWER the tax rate split to a whopping 1.65 for business and industrial property. This board with the exception of Selectman Connolly and sometimes Selectman Sargent DROPPED the split from 1.70 (Max is 1.75) to 1.65. When Selectwoman Dickhaut made that motion it spoke volumes…althought the volume was in the words weren’t spoken! She actually asked for a motion to adjust to a 1.65 split in the rate structure it took a few seconds before it came  and then they voted without comment on what’s usually a really contencious issue.

Of course I’m delighted as I believe in fairness to business and industry and don’t believe they should be overtaxed as is the new paradigm right from Obama on down. Evil Business and rich must pay more as is the Socialist agenda.

Homeowners got about an extra $35 property tax increase thanks to the fairness the board exhibited during their Thelma & Louise lemming like dive off the Clinton Fiscal Cliff!!!!!  Maybe a business or two might hire an extra body now. I’m still dumbstruck as MaryRose usually sites the poor and elderly and declines to raise their taxes any more than is needed while allowing businesses to suck up the brunt of our tax base. Did she finally take the plunge and become a fiscally conservative Republican? If so we have a place for her at the RTC table! Maybe Mr. Bill made a deal with the devil.  Damn, the next thing you know they’ll be selling passes to target shoot at the Rifle Range!

Merry Christmas!

Ohhhh Shittttt!


WWI Memorials Happy Ending

November 19th, 2012

So I haven’t written for a while, nothing new with the Board of Selectmen as they don’t meet so often anymore and certainly don’t talk about any “controversial” subjects these days.

I do want to give my biggest thank you to the Clinton Parks and Recreation for making the WWI memorial happen. I guess all the churn with the BOS not wanting it at town hall because of tree’s and such cause the happy ending! It’s certainly karmic that a denial of memorial to our deceased veterans of WWI resulted in it’s being sited in the exact location the went off to war from…and many not returning.

So, again I just want to say thank you to the folks from the Clinton Parks and Recreation for having the wherewithal to site this gift in Hamilton Square!

Bloodsport Explained

June 18th, 2012

I really liked this article by Robert Nemeth published in the June 17, 2012 issue of the Worcester Telegram. I don’t usually post other work but thought his description of Bloodsport was good. So here’s a snippet and the link, Enjoy.


Robert Nemeth

They say football is a brutal game. But compared with politics during an election season, it is harmless recreation. Unfortunately, election season in America seems to stretch year-round. But with a close presidential contest and dramatic Senate race in progress this year, politics is a blood sport in 2012.

The operative words are “double standards.” While the liberal left subjects Republican candidates to close scrutiny, it tends to give favored Democrats a pass. The behavior of some of the state’s top leaders, including Boston Mayor Tom Menino and Gov. Deval Patrick, who tried to excuse Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren’s false claim of minority status as “irrelevant,” was nothing short of absurd. They couldn’t say she was telling the truth in the face of evidence suggesting otherwise, so they said the truth was inconsequential. No wonder integrity and ethics are in short supply in government. It is safe to say that if Scott Brown, or any other Republican, had lied about their ethnicity, they would have been castigated mercilessly.

(One especially tortured reasoning offered by Warren apologists was that since she was born in a state known for its Native American history, her claim of Cherokee ancestry was plausible. That is like saying that a native of Hungary would be entitled to claim Tartar heritage.)


Uncommon Nonsense – Vote Yes on Article 36

June 1st, 2012

So it looks like the petulant anti-gun residents of the south meadow area private compound are at it again, spreading misinformation about a proposal (article 36) to create a Police Firearm Training Facility on town owned land. This land is down a hill, behind the capped landfill and adjacent to the Bates sand pit. This is a eminently safe and logical location for this request

Mr Parker questions where common sense has gone, to me his thought process is uncommon nonsense. Certain folks that live in that vicinity have in the past complained about shooting on the town owned rifle range and have gotten their way (for now) to silence the historical 100 year old former National Guard range. At other times they have tried to stop the Clinton Gaels from having night games because it was to loud, they’ve tried to stop interstate commerce by attempting to stop trains from running at night. The also worked to stop the trailering of boats to South Meadow pond among a plethora of other things that deny taxpayers the use of anything in that area.

Now we have more of the same tired old rhetoric in the form of Dennis Parker’s letter to the editor today, June 1, 2012. I personally don’t believe all the Selectmen have the best interests of all citizens of Clinton on their minds with regard to anything near South Meadow. If they get their way police will be shooting .40 caliber handguns in a small trailer parked downtown. Is this a safer way for police to qualify? NOT A CHANCE! As for the cost, is $6000 a year for a trailer near central park cheap? No it’s a damn travesty. Every year, each officer will get exactly 1 hour of qualification time for this $6000.

Qualification is only one aspect. The police need a place to practice so the qualification is only a formality. Our department is denied this capability by the ban on shooting at our town owned range and perpetrated by a select few, self serving but connected individuals with backing from a rich man.

I have to laugh at the scare tactic of raising our taxes. Anyone who can read will see the article doesn’t have a cost. and further it can only be funded by town meeting. The qualification range can be built and maintained through free sand from a willing abutter, cleaned up by the Boy Scouts or a service organization and at no cost to taxpayers.

Please remember that Dennis Parker, the person that wrote the letter to the editor illegally took soil samples from the 100 year old range, had them tested and submitted them to the DEP to try and harm the Town of Clinton. The DEP had NO ISSUE with them and they came from a range used for 100 years.

Don’t fall for the lies and misinformation circulated by those that want their own private enclave. Vote yes to support your local police and their ability to practice and keep us safe.

Please vote yes on Article 36.

Here is the Item letter to the editor:  http://www.telegram.com/article/20120601/COULTER01/106019863/1189/coulter

Secure Communities Champions

May 18th, 2012

In light of our federal government mandating that Massachusetts must implement the illegal-alien crackdown effort known as Secure Communities I wanted to give my sincere thanks to all who made this common sense mandate happen. It certainly wasn’t our pro-illegal alien Governor Deval Patrick.

Most people could identify the higher profile advocates like Sheriff’s Lew Evangelidis of Worcester County and Tom Hodgson of Bristol County. Also that Senator Scott Brown is a big supporter, but how many of you knew that our own Selectman William F. Connolly, Jr. had brought this subject up and motioned for its approval by the Clinton Board of Selectmen? Yes, it’s true that over a year ago it was voted on and approved right here in Clinton.

Advocates Sheriff Lew, Selectman Bill and Sen. Scott Brown

Here’s a picture taken of a trio of gentlemen who advocated for looking out for our “Secure Communities” and in supporting the act made it clear that Massachusetts won’t be the illegal alien haven Deval Patrick wants it to be.

Thanks Again!