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The Non-Transparent “Lancaster Citizens for Transparency in Government Facebook Page

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

So I’ve been posting on the above mentioned page as embattled Selectwoman Susan Smiley is a friend. There’s a certain poster there who goes by the name “John Griffen”. Of course this person doesn’t exist, even admits that’s not his/her name. Uses a lame excuse that he “will not give my full real name as to the fact I am friendly with a lot of town workers”…Seriously?

Who in the hell would bother his/her friends over him/her being truthful with their identity! It certainly taints the Facebook page and it’s claims of wanting transparency.

The whole charade is masterminded by a few former town officials and people with financial interest in keeping Orlando Pacheco as Town Administrator. The rest have been led down the primrose path and are being whipped into a frenzy by these same delusional characters. Orlando was an embarrassment to Lancaster as it was.

The person who spearheaded Lancaster’s recall legislation has already been quoted in the Sentinel newspaper as saying it was enacted specifically targeting the two Selectwomen! Hmmm, same person with the IT contract for Lancaster.

I’ll have more when my public records request is filled, or if it’s filled! It’s been 5 business days now.

Bloodsport Explained

Monday, June 18th, 2012

I really liked this article by Robert Nemeth published in the June 17, 2012 issue of the Worcester Telegram. I don’t usually post other work but thought his description of Bloodsport was good. So here’s a snippet and the link, Enjoy.


Robert Nemeth

They say football is a brutal game. But compared with politics during an election season, it is harmless recreation. Unfortunately, election season in America seems to stretch year-round. But with a close presidential contest and dramatic Senate race in progress this year, politics is a blood sport in 2012.

The operative words are “double standards.” While the liberal left subjects Republican candidates to close scrutiny, it tends to give favored Democrats a pass. The behavior of some of the state’s top leaders, including Boston Mayor Tom Menino and Gov. Deval Patrick, who tried to excuse Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren’s false claim of minority status as “irrelevant,” was nothing short of absurd. They couldn’t say she was telling the truth in the face of evidence suggesting otherwise, so they said the truth was inconsequential. No wonder integrity and ethics are in short supply in government. It is safe to say that if Scott Brown, or any other Republican, had lied about their ethnicity, they would have been castigated mercilessly.

(One especially tortured reasoning offered by Warren apologists was that since she was born in a state known for its Native American history, her claim of Cherokee ancestry was plausible. That is like saying that a native of Hungary would be entitled to claim Tartar heritage.)


Here We Go Again

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Here we go again, The Clinton PD has nearly completed weapons qualifications at a new location inside the Clinton border of the Brandli parcel. This is a great solution as it doesn’t “violate” Lancaster’s “residential” zoning bylaw and gives the police department a no cost, town owned place to qualify.

The problem is that Chairman LeBlanc of the BOS doesn’t want ANY shooting to take place anywhere near the vaunted private enclave near South Meadow Rd. This issue is not about shooting on a legal parcel of town owned land,   but is about placating the privileged petulant few and ignores the rest of the townspeople. The fact remains that certain Selectmen were “worried” about liability when using private property, which they did not.  Chairman LeBlanc has indicated he wanted the Chief to come back before the board before “shooting commenced”.  This seems a bit hypocritical as they told Town Administrator Mike Ward and the Chief to investigate alternate means of completing weapons certification after a Court-ordered temporary injunction was issued  on the range in owned by Clinton but in Lancaster.

After all, the BOS sponsored a Town Meeting question that passed, and gave the Town Administrator a “stronger role” in day-to-day operations of departments under the BOS control, this includes the Police Department.

I believe the Chief and Town Administrator came up with a perfect solution, no added cost, a safe spot and done in a timely manner. The other thing that’s not clear, and I’ll make it clear for you, is the solution with the portable trailer is $2500 per two day period and it took six day to complete. that’s a price tag of $7500, not to mention overtime costs.  If I find this wasteful spending is in the budget next year I’ll make sure I’m at town meeting to ask the voters to remove this unnecessary cost from the towns budget.

Back to the private property “liability” arguement. How come it would have been OK as was previously bandied about to shoot in Lancaster where the Lancaster PD shoots, ON PRIVATE PROPERTY?  PRIVATE gun clubs were also suggested.  I think the liability issue is a smoke screen to throw the residents of Clinton off course and so they agree with an expensive waste of money solution which again only panders to the privledged few. Would you actually want to pay for a trailer to be placed in downtown Clinton at the police station and have shooting there? Not me, and certainly not at a high cost when town owned land is available and should be used for it’s intended purpose.

Stuffed Suits, Lawsuits and Arrogance

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Well Lancaster’s at it again, the town of Lancaster has filed a lawsuit against the Town of Clinton and it’s own Zoning Board of Appeals. The newspaper account lists Lancaster as the plaintiff through its building commissioner Peter Munro.

It’s beyond belief, the Lancaster ZBA who was required to setup a hearing within 65 days of the filing of an appeal by Clinton has now led the building commissioner to file suit against them(ZBA) and the town of Clinton.  All because they couldn’t get their act together and have the hearing in a timely manner which resulted in constructive approval. (of Clinton’s Appeal)

If one is to believe the party line, then Peter Munro, The building commissioner was supposedly “aggrieved” by Clinton’s claim as well as by the ZBA’s not having the hearing 65 days after the filing by Clinton, what a joke!  My opinion is the tail is wagging the dog, that is, Mr. Orlando Pacheco Lancaster’s  Town Manager orchestrated this bogus lawsuit because he is acting like a petulant child, showing his arrogant and blatant disregard for the Clinton Police Force and therefore the town. I’m sure he told HIS BOS that he was going to have Mr. Munro file suit and they agreed like good little pawns, but make no mistake, Pacheco is the puppet-master, pulling all the strings behind the scenes in my opinion.  I do wonder who is paying the price for his dog and pony show?

Was Mr. Munro really “aggrieved” not in my opinion, it’s just the next move, actually Orlando’s next move in a hallucinogenic game of chess Lancaster is playing with the Town of Clinton. They had the audacity to deem their residentially zoned firing range “legal” and issue themselves  a special permit at a hearing last year and then didn’t apply the same logic or precedence to the Clinton range, what hypocrisy.  We have ours and you can’t have yours.

Clinton has contended that the Police should be able to qualify at the rifle range and were willing to set parameters such as hours of operation and whatever else was brought to the table…Lancaster refused, talk about belligerent behavior.  Hopefully Clinton will win the suit and the deafening silence will go away, replaced by officers qualifying with their firearms to help keep the population of Clinton safe.

Confluence Of Issues

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

So here we are again back at the rifle range issue, although I have a lot more to say than selectmen Dickhaut and LeBlanc are plain wrong on that issue. they’re wrong on a lot more than that.

Selectman LeBlanc seems to be doing what’s in his own selfish interest, not what’s in the best interest of our town, our police force and in effect US. I would posit that LeBlanc has had conversations with the Lancaster town administrator that undermine the work our town counsel is doing to preserve our right as a town to use the land for police firearms qualification. Mr LeBlanc, if you’d like to deny that please chime right in!

Now we have the Lancaster police applying for a special permit to qualify and practice at the range they use WHICH IS ZONED RESIDENTIAL. I question why Lancaster hasn’t applied their zoning laws equally to their own police department. If Clinton gets a cease and desist order for qualifying on residential property then Lancaster MUST get the same under their zoning laws. If not then nullify the one against the Clinton Police Department. This selective enforcement is hypocritical and wrong.

Now for the financial ramifications. We have a BOS that’s supposed to be looking out for our best interests, they are NOT. When they formulated the budget it should have taken the overtime line item into account. The police shouldn’t have to rely on overtime for the normal everyday operation of their department. I understand budgets have to be cut, however common sense shows that in times of financial turmoil crime rises, it’s a fact. Now we may have less police on the street, dispatchers laid off and replaced with officers who would be on the street performing their duties. The BOS has botched it’s budget big time on this front.

So here’s where the rifle range issue, safety and fiscal responsibility merge together into one large confluence. First, we have an underfunded police department. Second we have officers that haven’t been able to qualify and practice because Dickhaut and LeBlanc are on a mission to shut down the rifle range and are in my opinion in collusion with Lancaster town officials to undermine our best interests. Third, to qualify the police may have to go to a private out of town range at some cost to the town. I’ve heard price tags of $10,000+ per year and a need for more overtime which we have no money budgeted for. We’ll be less safe, with less officers on the street and incur higher costs.

Finally, if they succeed in closing the rifle range it would need to have a lead remediation done at a cost in the neighborhood of $2,000,000. These selectmen are a detriment to the people of Clinton and should be damn ashamed of their actions. They have put our safety at risk, our financial state at risk and have potentially damaged our police departments relationship with our sister town…for what just so some people don’t have to hear the police qualify during the day for a couple weeks a year, These selectmen are a bad joke who put their self serving interests first and put our police department in the middle of their political brinkmanship. Please remember this next spring when you go to the polls.

A Step In The Right Direction

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

I was very happy to see that the Planning Board recently gave preliminary approval to Brady-Sullivan of Manchester N.H. to develop the former Lancaster Mills.

I applaud the Planning Board for doing what was right rather than what was politically expedient.  Chairman Mary Rose Dickhaut and Selectman Kevin Haley again stated in an open meeting of the BOS that they were against it. Selectman Bill Conolly stated he was for it and I’m not sure where the others stood.

For the leadership of this town to say NO to sorely needed tax revenue and potential short term jobs building out the project and longer term jobs that would be available in the commercial industrial portion is just plain foolish and lack any vision for the town as a whole.

Again, thanks to all who made it happen, you did the right thing!

Fun in the Italian Sun

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

While Clinton’s town officials labor to craft a tough budget in one of the worst budget years in memory, our illustrious BOS Chairman Maryrose Dickhaut is basking in the Italian sun on a three week vacation. People have been wondering why she didn’t attend the last couple meetings. So now you know and you also know why our Town Meeting was pushed out to the end of June, just so she could attend. As I stated before, this meeting is far too close to the end of the fiscal year for comfort.

While purportedly stating that she wanted to do the budget once and do it right, what was really going on was a personal agenda, hold the meeting off until she’s back from Roma or Venice. This was done with the help of Selectman LeBlanc who made the motion to have it Sunday the 28th then changed the motion to Monday the 29th.

The lack of leadership and self serving agenda is amazing. The other thing I have to mention is that Selectman Dickhaut’s brother, the health inspector is budgeted to receive a 7% raise. I believe it’s fiscally and morally wrong giving a raise this large while in the throes of the budget nightmare we’re in. This is your “leadership” at work. I certainly hope all who read this understand the implications of these actions as well as the total lack of leadership. Remember these actions well,  make a mental note of them and  don’t forget as you go to the polls next spring!

As an added note, please watch for someone planted in the Town Meeting audience to ask for a quorum count right after article 14.  This is the where the citizens petitions begin and certain public officials don’t want them to see the light of day.  I respectfully ask that all who read this please vote yes on articles 15 through 18.   These are the zero quorum article, BOS public comment article, adding the finance committee Chairman to the law committee and to fund the wind farm study which could help the town save about a million dollars year in energy costs.

Caucus Results

Monday, March 30th, 2009

OK,  door number three held a candidate named Robert Weeks. When asked why he ran he said said he’s not pursuing a specific agenda in his campaign,”just a lot of common sense.” “I just figured I can be good for the town,” he said, when asked why he decided to run. He doesn’t have a bit of experience or knowledge of town government it seems.

That’s a pretty lame statement to make after accepting the nomination from the caucus which was run by Clinton Selectmen, who in their infinite wisdom decided they needed another lackey to try to keep their board as weak and controllable as possible.

There will be no dissension, there will be no 4-1 votes, just a 5 member board singing kumbayah and railroading the citizens of Clinton…That is if you the Citizens let then to get away with it! Don’t allow it, Bill Connolly has more “common Sense” and savvy than this guy will ever have. He’s nothing but a yes vote for Maryrose Dickhaut and Kevin Haley. Good luck Clinton, this would be without a doubt the worst, most inept board to ever govern the town of Clinton.

Bloodsport doesn’t even amply describe the crap that went on here. Lets give this guy the heave ho and Vote Yes for a common sense candidate, Please vote Bill Connolly for Selectman.

No idea about this Wood guy who’s running against Dale DiMeco, He’s only been on the Planning Board for a month or two, hasn’t even gotten to prove himself yet.

Town Administrator Round Two.

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

I for one am glad the second Town Meeting of the year is over and town business can continue. Personally for me the second defeat in as many meeting of the incomplete, flawed town administrator article is behind us. I just cannot for the life of me understand why the current sitting board can’t get it through their heads that you can “put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig”. I’ve always wanted to use that line! I should have at Town Meeting but it could never top Bill Connolly’s YoYo comment, that was a classic!

Seriously though, the board should get their act together and come up with a “real” article similar to the one I put forth when I was still on the board. Compose it so that the powers and duties are properly delineated and fully vetted before the public. I mean “real” public hearings not an informational meeting like the Selectman had where only they could comment and then resubmit it, I would actually support it. (provided of course it had the accountability of the Selectmen’s approval of hires and appointments)

I still have a copy of the document if any one on the Board would like a copy as a starting point. It might save you a lot of editing. I’ll be waiting to hear back, but won’t be holding my breath. Email me at webmaster@bloodsport.us if you’re so inclined.

On another note I’m really happy that the voters saw fit to fund the article pertaining to CEMA’s request for a radio repeater.