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Lancaster And The Politics Of Personal Destruction

Monday, July 14th, 2014

The sleepy little bedroom community of Lancaster has embarked on a dark new chapter in its history. In a very vengeful conquest wreaking or retribution they have voted in and had signed into law a recall provision. This was the brainchild of some former town officials and the spearheaded by the CEO Lancaster’s ”contracted” IT service company, Frank Leonard.

The cataclysmic events erupted when the Selectboard decided to not renew Town Administrator Orlando Pacheco’s contract which is absolutely legal. They also didn’t like it that there was no public comment which in my opinion would have been a worse mob scene than they already had. Public comment is not required but is typically on the agenda. It’s usually a small block of time as well, so with 100 people I would think it was not a good idea for that particular meeting.

So enter Frank Leonard, former candidate for the Board of Selectmen who doesn’t like the two current Selectwomen, Jean Syria and Susan Smiley. This is very evident in the newspaper article where he was quoted as saying “I’m not sure if it’s going to be today, but it will be no later than Monday,” said Leonard. “My intention is to gather the troops.” The article also says “The intended targets from Leonard and other recall supporters are Selectman Jean Syria and Susan Smiley.” Now that Mr. Leonard has made his intentions known and he shepherded the recall provision into law he can sit back and let the Lancastrians he whipped into a frenzy do the heavy lifting, his dirty work!

So people of Lancaster what’s it going to be? Whip the shit out of the two woman that rightly and legally voted to not renew a contract or maybe just work together to make your community a good place to live…Orlando had plenty of skeletons in his closet, coverups in Town Hall. His late night booze cruise home from a strip club in Worcester that ended in a public spectacle in Westborough where he was arrested and made the news internationally.


Good job Ladies, you had the courage to exorcise the demons from the highest position in the Town of Lancaster, he made the town a laughing stock and should have been let go by the then current board but was not, even after extensive public outcry. In fact he was given a raise!!!

My conclusion is that Orlando was a manipulator of the highest order and had a core group of people that he “pleased” and they are the ones that are gunning for your Selectwomen. Don’t fall for this charade people, when the people that read the articles about your “stellar” town manager see that you’re trying to recall these woman that did the right thing they’ll really think you’ve gone off the deep end. As I said in posts on the Lancaster Citizens for Transparency in Government Facebook page:

“There’s both a whiff of retribution as well as vengeance in these actions. Of course you have the legal right to recall, it’s foolish as you just wait until the local election and folks could run for those seats. What is happening is the knee jerk reaction to a “legal” action. You are wasting taxpayer dollars as well.”


“Clinton had a similar situation years ago, we have a recall provision and a recall was called. The organizers got the signatures, the recall went forward and failed. The division it created in town would pit friends and neighbors against each other with the division lasting years, a decade or more. Do you really think retribution in the name of “democracy” is justice or a prudent path to take. I can tell you first hand it is not!

Secure Communities Champions

Friday, May 18th, 2012

In light of our federal government mandating that Massachusetts must implement the illegal-alien crackdown effort known as Secure Communities I wanted to give my sincere thanks to all who made this common sense mandate happen. It certainly wasn’t our pro-illegal alien Governor Deval Patrick.

Most people could identify the higher profile advocates like Sheriff’s Lew Evangelidis of Worcester County and Tom Hodgson of Bristol County. Also that Senator Scott Brown is a big supporter, but how many of you knew that our own Selectman William F. Connolly, Jr. had brought this subject up and motioned for its approval by the Clinton Board of Selectmen? Yes, it’s true that over a year ago it was voted on and approved right here in Clinton.

Advocates Sheriff Lew, Selectman Bill and Sen. Scott Brown

Here’s a picture taken of a trio of gentlemen who advocated for looking out for our “Secure Communities” and in supporting the act made it clear that Massachusetts won’t be the illegal alien haven Deval Patrick wants it to be.

Thanks Again!

Instant Karma

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Now that the media frenzy surrounding Lancaster Town Administrator Orlando Pacheco’s bawdy adventure has died down I’ll give it one last crack.

Pacheco has of course been a driving force behind closing Clinton’s rifle range, as such I have my own opinion of his actions. (nothing personal as I don’t know the guy).  I’d like nothing better than for Lancaster to hire a new Town Administrator as Mr. Pacheco has cost the Town of Clinton as well as the Clinton Fish & Game Protective Association many dollars and energy in litigation to try and maintain the legal use of our circa 1924 rifle range.

Instead of compromise he’s pitted the towns against each other for the benefit and appeasement of the  few petulant, squeaky wheels that live at the S.Meadow quasi- private enclave.

If Mr. Pacheco had any class whatsoever he’d fall on his proverbial sword and abdicate his position. He’s brought shame and more media attention than a presidential campaign to Lancaster. I work far from Central Massachusetts and have been asked numerous times if Clinton was near Lancaster, and did I hear about the Lancaster TA’s  gross bark encrusted pictures that were on the Channel 4 nightly news.

In the end Lancaster and its BOS are doing themselves a disservice by keeping an official that’s a laughing stock around the world. Who the hell could sit across the desk from him and work out business after seeing  pictures of a bark covered Pacheco just roused from his passed out stupor. He has no integrity left, especially after lying in November and saying he had food poisoning from eating somewhere in Westboro.

Do I believe in Karma – you bet I do.