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Dissed At His First Meeting & Other Observations

First Selectman Sheridan gave the BOS a little pep talk on how the Selectmen should be respectful to, and trust each other. Then within a very short time you have Chairman Dickhaut calling newly elected Selectman William Connolly “Hon” and Billy. To me that’s the height of disrespect during an official BOS meeting. Bill addressed her as Madame Chairperson which was respectful.

Dickhaut obviously likes to be the center of attention and seems real good at cutting other members off while they are speaking. This is unacceptable behavior from the Chairman. The duty of the Chairman (she made sure to mention she has been doing this for a loooooong time) is to run the meeting and allow for input from all Selectmen, not to cut them off as well as act dismissively to Mr. Connolly, who she obviously doesn’t like. She is of course allowed to give her opinion, but she takes it way to far, she practically filibusters on certain subjects and dominates the meetings.

I disagree with her first on the trust issue,if I were Bill, and I had four colleagues that tried to keep me from getting elected, by voting in their own candidate at the annual caucus and campaigning for him , I certainly wouldn’t be trusting any of them!  Second, all the selectman have the right to talk to the press and use any media including the internet to get their message out to the public, It’s called transparency in government…

On another note, the discussion about which projects to fund with stimulus money was like watching a bunch of kids argue over who gets what candy bar! I happen to agree that any project already funded through town meeting vote or other mandate should be at the bottom of the list not the top where they put them.

There’s never a dull moment in Clinton politics!

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4 Responses to “Dissed At His First Meeting & Other Observations”

  1. clifford F Blake II says:

    Joe I do not like you at all but you are right on this one.

    Note from Joe:
    Cliff, I’m sure the feeling is mutual. Glad we agree on this though! Thanks for reading.

  2. Diva says:

    MRD bears watching, carefully.

  3. PJ Chamberlain says:

    Well written. Mr. Connolly is certainly up against it this year, but it is nice to have him on the BOS. I believe the people of Clinton see through all the games Miss Dickhaut and Mr. Haley try to play which is why Mr. Connolly won his seat and Chief Hart still runs the Fire Department.
    Thank you to all of the voters who selected Mr. Connolly and kept “our” Chief strong. Hopefully in future years we can fill more seats on the BOS with the better interrest of Clinton in mind rather than thier own agendas and vendettas.
    I would also like to thank Mr. Anthony Fiorentino for his service on the BOS. He is a class act and a true gentleman who did keep the better interrest of Clinton first and foremost. It would be great to see him back sitting with Mr. Connolly in the future.

  4. Clifford F Blake says:

    I ran against Mr. Connolly, to Bill Good Job last night. The real fight will be in a month or so when the rest of the boad wants to start taxing us.

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