Tuesday, April 24, 2018 15:55

The Public Has Its Say

I’m certainly glad that I was wrong about people trying the old quorum call last night, although I believe that they’d have lost that request as there looked to be a quorum right until the end of Town Meeting.

I’m really happy that the voters of Clinton have spoken and decided that the BOS will now have to listen to them at their meetings whether they like it or not. I disagree with the number of times that was quoted by Mr. Haley about how many times the public was not allowed to speak,it was more like three times in a row. The current Chairman did it when she was in the same position five or six years back. I also disagree that people are allowed to speak about subjects that are being discussed, this doesn’t happen. I couldn’t go to a meeting and raise my hand to speak about something like the raising of trash sticker fees or an increase in water rates unless there was a public hearing being held.

So, by an overwhelming majority the article allowing public comment was passed and the people have regained their voice at the beginning of the meeting where it should be in my opinion.

I’d also like to commend Selectman Sheridan for making good on her position of giving the stipend the Selectmen receive to the Library, COA, Emergency Management and Health Board. This was the right thing to do, Some believe it should have been used to save a job which I don’t disagree with, but it wasn’t enough to do this.

It’s too bad the wind farm study lost by a vote or two as it would have been the start of a way to save the town $1,200,000 a year in energy costs. I believe that even without the $55,000 that the dynamic alternative energy group will find a way to make this happen…at least I hope so for our sake.

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3 Responses to “The Public Has Its Say”

  1. Clifford Blake II says:

    What was the vote count on the study question ?

    Editors Comment: It needed a 2/3’s vote to pass. The percent for was .661. With a .666 percent it would have prevailed. Were you there Cliff? I didn’t see you.

  2. Clifford Blake II says:

    Yes i was there with family members,

  3. Tony Marini says:

    Yeah, it was disappointing, but not totally unexpected. The CAEC is undaunted by last night’s vote. We will start searching for grants or whatever revenues we can find…this issue is too important to let it slide because of the outcome of one appropriations vote. I bet the folks present at TM would be unanimous in thinking that “free” electricity/municipal energy independence is a good thing. That’s the goal of the CAEC, so we’ll keep at it!!!

    Thank you to all those voters who turned out at Town Meeting and made their voices heard. Regardless of the outcome of any particular vote, democracy in action is a wonderful thing!

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