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A Second Chance

I recently read with renewed interest an article that talked about a new plan being presented by Brady Sullivan to the Planning Board regarding the Lancaster Mills project. In the not so distant past we had the former chairman of the BOS, Kevin Haley, dismissing this proposal and badmouthing it. Hopefully this isn’t the case in today’s dire economic times. This project would represent somewhere in the vicinity of another $400,000 in tax revenue for our town.

Brady Sullivan have been very patient and I’m sure wasted a good sum of money on carrying charges such as heat, taxes, etc. I hope the Planning Board see’s the light as well. One member said he wouldn’t ever vote for it prompting the resignation of former chairman Phil Duffy.

The no way, no how attitude has to go, it’s time to look at all revenue sources. I also see that the disenters at Weetabix were shown the door. Chuck Marble and another senior management person have left. I wonder what that the means in terms of Weetabix’ previous unhappiness with the project, their viability and presence in Clinton’s future?

What I see here is a second chance for Clinton in getting needed boost in revenue and rebuilding a blighted old building. Clinton officials should take a long hard look at this and ultimately approve it for the good of the town. To not do so would be a travesty!

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2 Responses to “A Second Chance”

  1. Tom C says:

    The only downfall I see with the project is the residential parts and the amount of trucks coming and going in that area. I think that area should remain zoned for business and the necessary allowance of vehicle access to support such business today and in the future.

  2. Joe says:


    With manufacturing leaving the US at breakneck speed and the need for manufacturing/commercial/industrial space declining I can see the need for a residential component to this project. Brady-Sullivan isn’t going to infuse 25 million dollars into a totally commercial/industrial project and then be stuck with an un-fillable building. I think its around a 50-50 mix square footage wise.

    As for truck traffic, sure there is and will be some, but if people move in there they will have to realize what they’re buying-renting. Not really any different from living on Chestnut st. or further down on Green st.


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