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Secret Meetings Update

Once again the anti rifle range pair of Clinton Selectmen, Chair Mary Rose Dickhaut and James LeBlanc have shot off their mouths. This time is different though, In a meeting with Police Chief Mark Laverdure the pair without prior authorization or prior knowledge of the rest of the BOS summonsed the Chief to a meeting at Town Hall. During this meeting the pair asked the Chief to order his officers to stop shooting at the rifle range and find somewhere else to perform shooting qualifications.

This practice is not only unethical, inappropriate and likely illegal but also violated the other Selectmen’s rights to be a part of any policy decision regarding the Police Department. They are the Police Commissioners after all.

Dickhaut and LeBlanc have once again used their positions of power to try and politically manipulate the usage of the Clinton Rifle Range. This practice is an abuse of power and must be stopped immediately. These two Selectmen have done more to harm relations between the two towns and their police departments than any previous board ever has.

Lets see which Selectmen step up to the plate and support their Police Department and which ones are spineless jellyfish in the face of controversy! I suspect I know the answer and don’t look forward to writing about the 4-1 vote.

These two need to be voted out of office and are a total disgrace to the Town of Clinton. They  are individuals who have put their own agenda first and public safety last.


Last night the BOS voted 3-2 to appeal the cease and desist order against the Clinton Police Department. I’d like to publically thank Selectmen William F.Connolly Jr, Kevin Haley and Kathy Sheridan for doing the right thing and trying to uphold the Town of Clinton’s right to use it’s property and for standing up for local Law Enforcement.

As for Lancaster, Town Administrator Orlando Pacheco who ordered their Building Inspector to issue the cease and desist, he certainly knows he works for the Selectmen doesn’t he! Actually by doing Dickhaut and LeBlanc’s bidding for them I would say he just doesn’t know which towns Selectmen he works for.¬† He unilaterally ordered the Inspector to issue the order without the Lancaster BOS knowledge or direction.
That’s a real nice way to foster employer-employee relations!

If I were on that board I wouldn’t tolerate an usurption of my duties and the further political and day to day friction it has caused between the parties involved.

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4 Responses to “Secret Meetings Update”

  1. Tony Marini says:

    In a government full of craven politicians, we just don’t need two more people with only their self-interests in mind in our midst.

    They must go! I hope that other like-minded folks out there will work tirelessly with me to campaign against these two self-serving politicians.

    We can easily replace them with civic-minded public servants…which is what we really need at the local level of governance. We’ve got enough politics to worry about at the county, state and federal levels of government. We don’t need another second of the non-productive nonsense that we’ve endured for the past two years.

    Enough is enough…

  2. Mariah says:

    So why are we all surprised about this? Its the same way she did business “back in the day” and she continues to get away with it. It has to stop!

    If it can be proved that the open meeting law was violated, then we need to act on it. These types of actions by elected officials can’t be tolerated.

    And remember- you can VOTE THEM OUT in June 2010.

  3. Greg says:

    Pacheco works for who? Do the voters of Lancaster know what is going on? Do the BOS of Lancaster know what is going on?

    I believe it is time to put this range issue to the courts, as it is never going to go away.

    I also believe it is time to permanently retire Ms. Dickhaut from the BOS and it is time to seriously think about a recall election on lil’ Jimmy. These two do not speak for the voters of Clinton and they sure don’t speak for the rest of the BOS. These two are very dangerous for the Town of Clinton and likely will cost us MILLIONS of $$ if they are allowed to act unilaterally and dictate policy to our Police and Fire Departments. They even have at least one acting member on the Fire Department working for them as well. Ethics… These two don’t even know the definition.

  4. Clifford Blake says:

    Joe 2 for 2 way to go!! This abuse of power is a outrage. I think both of them should pack up there papers cause its time to go. The Second Amendment is sacred to me and these two have trampled on it. I want to thank the other Selectman for standing up and doing the right thing for our local police and town.

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