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Backpedaling And Ignoring Our Real Issues

In the latest edition of the Tines and Courier here is what Lancaster Town Administrator Orlando Pacheco has to say about OUR rifle range:

“Lancaster doesn’t want police barred from shooting at the Brandli parcel — it wants to talk. So said Town Administrator (TA) Orlando Pacheco this week, adding that he was disappointed with the anger and name-calling that followed Lancaster Building Inspector Peter Munro’s letter to Clinton selectmen, late last month, ordering them to “cease and desist” discharging of weapons at the rifle range off South Meadow Road.”

“We know the Clinton Police Department qualifies [its officers to carry firearms] in October,” Pacheco said Tuesday. “We wanted to send that, really, as a way of motivating them to file a special permit.

First off there is no WE in a unilateral decision. Pacheco reportedly ordered the Lancaster Building Inspector to issue the cease and desist order. I’m not so sure that it was at the request of any Lancaster resident either.

But was it as unilateral as it looked??? I’d make an educated guess or call it my opinion that it wasn’t. (The Lancaster BOS were out of the loop).  As the story unfolds we find that the police officer that was verbally browbeat  (this has been described as a hissy fit.) for practicing there was met at the gate by Clinton BOS Vice Chairman LeBlanc, his friend and a Clinton firefighter who lives nearby.

Second, isn’t it strange that instead of requesting to be on the agenda of a Clinton BOS meeting a cease and desist order was issued…to get Clinton to talk!?  this is all too coincidental. Backpedaling is a better word to describe this. I’ll wager an educated guess that there was collusion between the two CLINTON selectmen involved as well as the Lancaster TA.  Yes, the anti second amendment and anti law enforcement duo  most likely called their willing ally in Lancaster and requested the cease and desist be ordered against their OWN police department.  Now the Lancaster TA  said it was to get Clinton to talk, fat chance. It was just another ham handed effort by our horrendous pair of self serving selectmen to silence the rifle range.

Another quote from the Times and Courier:

Dickhaut and LeBlanc also defended a meeting they had attended, separate from the other selectmen, to discuss the cease-and-desist order with the police chief and town administrator.

“On Sept. 20, I was called by two residents, one in Clinton, one in Lancaster,” LeBlanc said. “I was told there were two people shooting.” He walked to the property and “encounter[ed] one of Clinton’s police officers coming out of the range in his police vehicle with a private citizen. … I thought the [2007] cease-and-desist order applied uniformly.”

LeBlanc asked for the meeting with Police Chief Mark Laverdure, “just to have a discussion,” he said. “I didn’t believe there was disciplinary action required.”

This is a half assed mea culpa, two selectmen meeting with the police chief without the rest of the BOS knowing anything about it and for a for a pretty long meeting, then asking him to order his men to not use the range is a bit more than a “DISCUSSION“. This borders on an abuse of power to get their self serving agenda item finished.

Of course there was no disciplinary action required, the police have always qualified there and should in perpetuity. that range is Clinton’s range and has been for 80 plus years. The chief is being put in the middle by this pair.

These selectmen should be finished, thrown out of office when their terms are up. We don’t need self serving, power abusing officials who have no clue what our real issues are. look no further than this…

…The state has said it would be cutting local aid again and this inept pair hasn’t even started looking at ways to save jobs…yes proactively looking at all options to save law enforcement, firefighters, DPW workers, school personel and non-union employees. Once again Clinton Selectmen are playing their fiddles while Clinton burns,  it’s just absolutely unbelievable and so damn amateurish!

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6 Responses to “Backpedaling And Ignoring Our Real Issues”

  1. Greg says:

    Dickhaut and LeBlanc are more concerned about the rifle range than saving jobs and taxpayers money?? This is what is demonstrated by this act by these two.

    We need thinkers for our town, pro-active leaders, not self-serving special interest pawns. Le Blanc is also leading the Seniors in town down a ‘yellow brick road”, but instead of tapping their ruby red slippers together, the seniors will be tapping two plug nickels together and rubbing their elbows together in their High Street domicile.

    What have the BOS done about saving jobs, balancing the budget, etc.? Our BOS is laughable, but the joke is going to be on us, when they announce further job cuts, increased taxes and a PROP 2 1/2 to pay for their election votes, so that the Seniors will vote for them in the next election in exchange for the Senior Center. The Seniors have been led down this path by Le Blanc and they will be tapping, but it won’t be the ‘ruby slippers’.!!

  2. Mariah says:

    Oh but Joe- Don’t you know, these two know where all the money is. After all, the senior center (at 100% more than budgeted) is getting grant money to be built. Why would they ever authorize the sale of the land without a plan? And the $1.4M to clean up South Meadow pond is going to be covered by the Government Stimulus package that we were GOING to get as one of our “Shovel ready projects”.

    Fiscal responsibility? What’s that? Why should they worry? After all, they have ALL the power and ALL the answers. Why are we questioning them?

    …(I am kidding of course :))

  3. Bill Connolly says:

    Its seems very interesting that LaBlanc & Dickaut called for a meeting to discuss a ‘cease & desist order” that hadn’t even been issued yet!

  4. Joe says:

    Hi Bill,

    If what you say is true and I believe it is then this is a subversion of our very town government process…Has the BOS proactively discussed what it’s going to do when the next round of local aid cuts are implemented? Governor Deval Patrick all but said to “get ready” for more cuts as a result of $600 million in “underestimated” revenue predictions.

    Boylston implemented a spending freeze well over a month ago in anticipation, has or will Clinton attempt something similar? This isn’t to put you on the spot Bill, I’d like to hear from the other four selectmen. Please comment here as this Blog is a way of disseminating information to the public of Clinton.

    The press never asks these questions because it pisses off readers that are loyal to certain selectmen that don’t have a clue and don’t want to lose reader…I on the other hand just have Clinton’s interests in mind and don’t rely on this for revenue!

  5. Mariah says:

    Sorry- meant the $4.5M to clean up South Meadow pond.

  6. Clifford Blake says:

    Joe N I agree with you 100%, Where is the leadership in trying to deal with the town economic troubles. Do not get me wrong the rifle range is very important, To keep it free and hold up the second amendment of the constitution. I believe the board can deal with at least two pressing town issues at the same time.The Lancaster mills need to be filled with businesses. we need to make it more attractive for businesses to come to our town and set up shop. Whatever it takes to stimulate our local economy. Will the board stop sitting on there hands with these issues and get something done for the good of Clinton and stop focusing all attention on South meadow. The senior center has turned into our very own small “Big Dig” right here in Clinton. We need reformers in our local and state government.

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