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The Height Of Hypocrisy

In a stunning display of hypocrisy the Lancaster Zoning Board of Appeals granted the Lancaster Police Department a special permit to practice and qualify on land that’s zoned residential. Lancaster has already set a precedent by serving cease and desist orders to both the Clinton Police Department and previously the Clinton Fish and Game for exactly the same purposes.

I believe this helps Clinton’s position with potential litigation. Lancaster has applied zoning laws differently in cases that are the same. I really don’t care about their nuanced decision that there aren’t residence’s as close by or what not. The facts are the facts, It’s a grandfathered use, shooting never stopped and Clinton has a right to use the property for Police department qualification and practice.  In fact as a non-profit entity the police are most likely exempt from these unjustly applied zoning laws. In my opinion Clinton is being singled out by Lancaster due to collusion with two of Clinton’s Selectmen, LeBlanc and Dickhaut.

In another case of hypocrisy the Clinton BOS voted 3-2 to deny a permit to an applicant to reopen the small car lot at the corner of Main and Water streets. Of course they all say they’re pro-business and want to help the little guy but when it comes right down to it they just don’t care. The person was from out of town, I bet if it was someone the dissenters knew, they’d have passed it in a New York second! Denying someone the opportunity to open a small business to earn a living in these trying economic times is just downright wrong.

The final case is that our our “stellar” selectwoman MaryRose Dickhaut voted against allowing Chief Laverdure to appoint three recently retired policemen as “special police officers” in order for them to be covered under the town’s umbrella policy and able to work details when full time officers aren’t available. Thankfully the other selectmen weren’t pigheaded about this and it passed.

Yeah, they all say they’re pro-public safety until they have to vote on allowing police to qualify at our range and to defend that right in a court of law if necessary or to help keep our Police Department full time. With the lack of funding all dispatchers will be laid off, possibly an officer. With the three latest retiree’s, four laid off dispatchers and a laid off officer we’ll be down eight people. this will result in only two officers per shift for a town of 14,000. What are our supposed pro-public safety selectmen doing about this? Nothing of course, because they’re hypocrites!

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4 Responses to “The Height Of Hypocrisy”

  1. Greg says:

    I smell a lawsuit that can be won by the Clinton F&G!!. Go gittem!

    Now for MRD. This ‘woman’ needs to retire permanently from the BOS. She is Clinton’s worse nightmare for public safety and business!!

  2. Terry says:

    Good reporting Joe, i didn’t see this in any newspapers. Is the press asleep or they just don’t know hypocrisy when they see it?

    Dickhaut, Leblanc and Haley all have to go and the Sheridon woman too. That all suck lemons. Dickhaut is the GD Boss Hog of Clowntown!

  3. Mariah says:

    The press isn’t asleep- They are in the back pockets of some of our esteemed BOS, so this type of reporting you will not see.

    The BOS needs a 3 way overhaul in a big way! Starting with out of touch, way to cost the town millions, Chairwoman. She continues to do NOTHING in the best interest of the town, only does whats in the best interest of her and her cronies. That is her MO. Leblanc has his own personal agenda, to accomplish, nothing on it about helping the town. And Haley-I don’t have to tell you all about him. His “leadership” is infamous.

    Until we have some dedicated, reasonable BOS, that have some plan for the future, we will continue to be known as Clowntown!

  4. Ron Lefebvre says:

    When is the next election ? Are these selectman voted in or appointed ? If voted in, I hope someone would step up to the plate and run for office, the more people running the better chance for a complete overhaul. I live in Belchertown, Ma. and small town politics aren’t that different from region to region. Seems there is always someone’s pocket to fill and those non publicised meetings where things get passed without the prior knowledge of the people who are paying these cronies salaries. Decent, Honest people are a rare breed in politics, darn shame, as our great country started out with christian values and bible based govt.

    From Joe: Hi Ron, The next election is in June and the Selectmen are voted in. Hopefully someone worth a damn will run. You’re right, good people are hard to find. Clinton is a real parochial town with a lot of townies that don’t give anyone who hasn’t lived here for a couple generations.
    We have the worst Board of Selectmen I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. It really needs to change. Thanks for writing.

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