Tuesday, April 24, 2018 16:16

I Respectfully Ask For Your Vote.

As I campaign and meet many of you and to those I may not run into in my travels, I respectfully ask for your vote for the position of Selectman.

If you read this BLOG from the beginning you will see I’ve documented what I believe are missteps taken by the BOS over the past couple years.  I also have a few stating that I agree with the course of action they’ve taken when they’ve done the right thing.

I believe I have the experience both from my municipal service as a Selectman, Charter Commissioner, member of multiple committee’s and sub-committee’s and from my professional experience as an engineer and project leader. In these roles I have had to make many hard decisions and work collaboratively with others.

I will be able to step into office and hit the ground running, there will be no learning curve, you will be fully represented from day one.

I also have a story to share with you, as I read at Clintonmass.com about “candidate apathy” I believe I know why at least one candidate hasn’t posted anything. It goes like this;

I was standing out Saturday and had a “conversation” with Mr. Joseph Trautner. I asked him about his comment at candidates night saying I gave the Police, Fire and DPW workers raises they shouldn’t have gotten. I responded yes, I did approve raises when I signed their contracts back in 2005-2006.  He said they didn’t deserve raises and that the Police and Fire should be cut in budget dollars and in size. I said what do you think we should do?  deputize people and use them to police the town?  to which he replied YES! I said what about if your house was on fire and he replied and I paraphrase “They (Fire Department) have never saved a building anyway” as well as something about having a volunteer department.  So take whatever you want away from that interchange.  I guess if I didn’t support public safety I wouldn’t want to post any of my information either!

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2 Responses to “I Respectfully Ask For Your Vote.”

  1. you go joe says:

    THAT IS WHY YOU HAVE MY VOTE. NO matter what side you have to take, it is the side that is right for all of us in town.
    I have a ? why didn’t Joe T. say anything about the school budgets. Oh, his wifey is one of those that OK’ed the high budgets!!!

  2. Mariah says:

    Joe- You have my vote. Its too bad for Mr. Trautner that he hasn’t done any research on why we had to pay for those increases in the budget. Its also too bad that there isn’t any requirements ( at least intelligence wise) to run for selectman. We would have had much better choices over the years if there were 🙂

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