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Updated: Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Signs (Except For Republican Candidates)

It seems like whenever there’s an election we have a problem with signs disappearing. This year is no different in that respect, the actual difference is the number of signs missing and the fact that they’re all for Republican candidates.

Last night (October 4th) was a banner night for the childish sign thieves. Many Charlie Baker for Governor and various other Republicans signs were stolen or destroyed. These include Lew Evangelidis – Sheriff, Karen Polito – Treasurer and Jen Caissie – Governors Council. We lost a number of them over the weekend as well.

It seems really suspect that very few signs for the Democratic candidates have gone missing and Republicans can’t seem to keep signs standing due to juvenile behavior. Sure, the wind did it or kids, NO WAY, NO HOW in this case. Far too many in disparate sections of town are gone. Main street from one end to the other, Water street,  Berlin street, you name it signs are gone everywhere.

I hope whoever is responsible is apprehended by the police (who have been notified) and prosecuted so we can see who the juvenile donkey’s that are doing this are.

I guess when people get desperate, and see their candidate might lose, they resort to childish behavior.

Added 10/6 — I did talk to Evangelidis’ campaign and they said that in Worcester they’ve had half their signs stolen or destroyed. Someone is even taking sledgehammers to the 4×8 signs and destroying the frames. This is just asinine juvenile  behavior,  I hope Lew prevails as he and his people have taken the moral high road and keep soldiering on, replacing and repairing signs.

10/8 — Four more  signs, all for Republican candidates were destroyed on High St last night. I mean completely smashed. I tried to fix a couple and put some new new ones up. The people responsible for this must really be running scared, as that happens desperation and puerile behavior ensues. I hope they get a life and start doing more productive campaigning for their candidates.

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3 Responses to “Updated: Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Signs (Except For Republican Candidates)”

  1. avenger says:

    We all know that nothing will be done to stop these hooligans.

    Editors Note: Yeah, very true, as they must be seen and like cowards they do this in the darkness.

  2. Independent Voter says:

    I’m an unenrolled voter and saw some of the signs on the ground during my walk. I find it reprehensible that the democrat crowd here in town has resorted to such low-brow behavior. I’ll be voting republican across the board (accept for one candidate). Part of this is due to the poor sportsmanship (for lack of a better word) on the part of the democrats. I haven’t seen any of their signs disturbed on my walks which are long and frequent.

  3. Mariah says:

    I have seen signs in Boylston, Shrewsbury, Northboro, Marlboro and Hudson. It’s too bad we can’t be civil like those communities and leave the signs alone. No wonder why people call us Clowntown! And it really is too bad that it is only a few people that make the rest of the town look bad!

    Editors Note: I agree 100%, At least we have the class to not resort to this childish behavior.

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