Friday, March 23, 2018 01:31

Here We Go Again

Here we go again, The Clinton PD has nearly completed weapons qualifications at a new location inside the Clinton border of the Brandli parcel. This is a great solution as it doesn’t “violate” Lancaster’s “residential” zoning bylaw and gives the police department a no cost, town owned place to qualify.

The problem is that Chairman LeBlanc of the BOS doesn’t want ANY shooting to take place anywhere near the vaunted private enclave near South Meadow Rd. This issue is not about shooting on a legal parcel of town owned land,   but is about placating the privileged petulant few and ignores the rest of the townspeople. The fact remains that certain Selectmen were “worried” about liability when using private property, which they did not.  Chairman LeBlanc has indicated he wanted the Chief to come back before the board before “shooting commenced”.  This seems a bit hypocritical as they told Town Administrator Mike Ward and the Chief to investigate alternate means of completing weapons certification after a Court-ordered temporary injunction was issued  on the range in owned by Clinton but in Lancaster.

After all, the BOS sponsored a Town Meeting question that passed, and gave the Town Administrator a “stronger role” in day-to-day operations of departments under the BOS control, this includes the Police Department.

I believe the Chief and Town Administrator came up with a perfect solution, no added cost, a safe spot and done in a timely manner. The other thing that’s not clear, and I’ll make it clear for you, is the solution with the portable trailer is $2500 per two day period and it took six day to complete. that’s a price tag of $7500, not to mention overtime costs.  If I find this wasteful spending is in the budget next year I’ll make sure I’m at town meeting to ask the voters to remove this unnecessary cost from the towns budget.

Back to the private property “liability” arguement. How come it would have been OK as was previously bandied about to shoot in Lancaster where the Lancaster PD shoots, ON PRIVATE PROPERTY?  PRIVATE gun clubs were also suggested.  I think the liability issue is a smoke screen to throw the residents of Clinton off course and so they agree with an expensive waste of money solution which again only panders to the privledged few. Would you actually want to pay for a trailer to be placed in downtown Clinton at the police station and have shooting there? Not me, and certainly not at a high cost when town owned land is available and should be used for it’s intended purpose.

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  1. Mariah says:

    This is all about South Meadow road just like everything else done by that blockhead selectman can’t we just turn that part of town over to Lancaster and be done with them all?

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