Tuesday, April 24, 2018 16:20

Double Standard Budget Process

So in Clinton we have a double standard when it comes to our budgeting process. The BOS in a no doubt political move voted 4-1 to create a full time position within the Senior Center staff.  All departments had been told to prepare -3% budgets, The senior center or COA budget is not -3%  but somewhere in positive territory.

No one begrudges the Seniors the help they need but in this day and age, when we will likely have to lay off Policemen, Dispatchers, Firemen, DPW workers, Teachers, etc why are we allowing our elected officials to add positions, this is not the time to do so unless you can by some stroke of luck, apply for and receive grant money.  This motion was made by Selectman David Sargent and voted on in the affirmative by Selectmen Sargent, Leblanc, Sheridan and Dickhaut with only Selectman Connolly fairly voting against this unfair budget maneuver.

Please remember this when going to the polls to vote in June.  Vote for a candidate that will stand up for you and be fair, to not only us taxpayers, but to the other departments that are effected by the cuts.  No one department is more deserving than another and unfairly allowing one department to add to its budget and staff while others have to cut budgets and potentially cut jobs sends a clarion message that this Board of Selectmen plays favorites.

On another subject, I was just looking at my last Blog from January and was wondering where we were in regard to hiring a replacement community and economic development director? Nothing has been communicated to us lowly taxpayers about the progress being made, if any. I was also wondering if the positions the BOS decided to let the Town Administrator fill were now filled?  No communication from the BOS, no transparency.

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  1. C Blake says:

    Seems this bunch are not serious about solving the fiscal problems our town is in. This way of thinking will cost us not help us. Every aspect of the town needs to share the burden of streamlining their budgets. The rest of the selectman feel they can keep on spending with no worries. They feel they can hit up the tax payers in the town to get them out of the hole they created with their bad fiscal decisions. My prediction is they will cry poverty and try to get a Prop 2-1/2 override passed then they will go further to raise taxes, fee’s and fines. Once more the people of Clinton bail out our Selectman from their bad fiscal decision. Wake up Clinton its time for a change in our board of Selectman.

  2. Mariah says:

    Our tax hole will continue to get deeper and deeper until we find more BOS that are grounded in reality, not cronyism. The others who voted for the COA person know perfectly well that the seniors are the ones who decides who wins and loses political races here in tow, They will not go against the team that put them there.

    Until the rest of the town smartens up and comes out to vote and to the town hall meetings, it will be status quo forever,

  3. Terry says:

    Thanks for the heads up Joe, these people are ridiculous and don’t think we stupid voters understand they’re pandering to the seniors. When the hell will the seniors see that they’re being used for nothing more than their votes?

    Hopefully we can ask that this be taken out of the budget at Town Meeting.

  4. Acre Dude says:

    It would be my guess that they are voting in favor of who they believe represent the majority of the voters – hence re-election.

  5. gs says:

    Stupid is as stupid votes

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