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Amateur Night At The Town Hall

For starters and some background:  Here’s the Town Meeting warrant article we voted in creating a stronger Town Administrator, this was passed by an act of the Massachusetts Legislature.

Bill H.2330


SECTION 1. Notwithstanding any general or special laws to the contrary the Board of Selectmen in the Town of Clinton shall authorize and empower the Town Administrator the powers and duties to hire, appoint, remove, subject to the provisions of civil service law and of any collective bargaining agreements as may be applicable, all department heads, officers, members of the boards, committees, commissions, and employees or other individuals under the jurisdiction of the Board of Selectmen.

SECTION 2. Appointments of department heads made by the Town Administrator shall become effective on the fifteenth day following the day notice is filed with the Board of Selectmen, unless the Board of Selectmen by a majority vote of the full board, vote to reject such an appointment within that period.


The understanding is that the BOS has given their power to the Town Administrator to hire and fire as well as what is outlined above. It is specifically worded with the phrase SHALL AUTHORIZE,  This isn’t vague at all.

To find out what duties are actually under the covers, the specific duties, and whether or not (although implied) the TA has the authority to supervise or be responsible for department heads, the Town Administrators new contract must be requested.  This is a public document and can be obtained under the FOIA.  Since the ability to hire and fire is already codified it stands to reason he has the power or responsibility to act as “supervisor” or put slightly differently, that department heads are his direct reports on a daily basis.  To not do that renders the very reasons for hiring and firing these professionals very superfluous.

What is the BOS trying to do? It’s like giving your supervisor at work the right to hire someone and then letting the president of the company boss the new hire around usurping the authority of the supervisor.

Now interchange Town Administrator with supervisor and president of the company with BOS, It doesn’t add up does it?

The recent actions by the BOS are likely not about who the Fire Chief reports to but more of a collision of personalities. The Chief hasn’t been popular with certain member of the BOS, some for a long long time, others for a shorter period. Whether you like of dislike the chief, the BOS has a “thing” for him and is trying to exact it’s pound of flesh. It seems like amateur night at “the apprentice” to me.

Let the Town Administrator do his job, the BOS doesn’t need full reports complete with time sheets and raw statistics from these departments, they need the TA to compile them and provide them an executive summary. They certainly aren’t acting like a truly professional board. The latest tempest in a teapot is a diversionary item best left to be resolved by the Chief and the TA.

Everybody is focused on a personality clash and will probably not even notice the Tax Classification that they will slip by screwing job producing businesses and will most likely raise the split to the maximum possible this year. How much more will you or businesses be paying??? Stay tuned!

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3 Responses to “Amateur Night At The Town Hall”

  1. ArSeholes are among us! says:

    To save FACE, the BOS should apologize to the FC on camera at the next BOS when the FC shows up. I know the FC will show up as he is not petty but I can’t say as much as the BOS. I used to have some respect for the BOS, but this petty measure started by Selectman Connolly is the last straw. It is obvious that the BOS does not know what a disrespectful, belligerent, inappropriate and demeaning report looks like, as their expertise and experience on matters of leadership are EXTREMELY lacking. After 20 years in management, if the BOS want to see what a disrespectful, belligerent, inappropriate and demeaning report looks like, I’d be happy to share several hundred with them.

    Childish to say the least and these are our “leaders” for Clinton? I think not… we would be better off with a few monkeys playing in Central park! Good GRIEF!! These children on the BOS should work on the REAL problems facing the TOWN!! GROW UP and GROW a SET!!

  2. Boomer says:

    Why in the heck did they create a ‘strong’ Administrator in the first place? You have to wonder how about other things as well with such a politicized display. That BOS should shut up and get their Town Administrator doing his job.

  3. Mariah says:

    Why would we expect anything different from the BOS? Now that MRD has her own flying monkeys in, They feel they can do anything they want.

    This is just a red herring so the focus can be taken off some really important things already “in the works”.

    This BOS is the worst! I am surprised we can get anything done!

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