Tuesday, April 24, 2018 16:11

Secure Communities Champions

In light of our federal government mandating that Massachusetts must implement the illegal-alien crackdown effort known as Secure Communities I wanted to give my sincere thanks to all who made this common sense mandate happen. It certainly wasn’t our pro-illegal alien Governor Deval Patrick.

Most people could identify the higher profile advocates like Sheriff’s Lew Evangelidis of Worcester County and Tom Hodgson of Bristol County. Also that Senator Scott Brown is a big supporter, but how many of you knew that our own Selectman William F. Connolly, Jr. had brought this subject up and motioned for its approval by the Clinton Board of Selectmen? Yes, it’s true that over a year ago it was voted on and approved right here in Clinton.

Advocates Sheriff Lew, Selectman Bill and Sen. Scott Brown

Here’s a picture taken of a trio of gentlemen who advocated for looking out for our “Secure Communities” and in supporting the act made it clear that Massachusetts won’t be the illegal alien haven Deval Patrick wants it to be.

Thanks Again!

2 Responses to “Secure Communities Champions”

  1. Chester P. says:

    That’s the way to go Mr. Bill, glad to see you’re still on the ball you old coot. Secure communities is a godsend if it works the way it’s supposed to. Send the illegal’s back, save us the money and create some jobs for citizens and legal immigrants.

    Someone was calling you a RINO, a RiNO woukld never support what you just did

  2. Don Chaisson says:

    Kevin Lamb needs to recuse himself from local politics and keep his mouth shut. It is a conflict of interest for the chief law enforcement officer of our town to take sides in a partisan political fight, especially when it involves his and his family‚Äôs direct financial interests. Enough of Mr. Lambs family collect six figure salaries, benefits and pensions from the taxpayers of Lancaster, that he should have the common decency to remain neutral in the “Pacheco” matter. I did not see Mr. Lamb speak out against the outrageous behavior of Orlando Pacheco when he was arrested for drunk driving and public indecency, but it seems Mr. Lamb supports selective law enforcement as he can sit on his posterior with his arms folded as the selectmen were being assaulted by out of line and disruptive meeting attendees, yet feels he has the right to intimidate the duly elected officials of the town under the phony guise as “constable”. This type of “political self-dealing” and selective law enforcement by a chief of police breeds disrespect for the law and distrust of law enforcement officials. Kevin Lamb should be ashamed of himself.

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