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Uncommon Nonsense – Vote Yes on Article 36

So it looks like the petulant anti-gun residents of the south meadow area private compound are at it again, spreading misinformation about a proposal (article 36) to create a Police Firearm Training Facility on town owned land. This land is down a hill, behind the capped landfill and adjacent to the Bates sand pit. This is a eminently safe and logical location for this request

Mr Parker questions where common sense has gone, to me his thought process is uncommon nonsense. Certain folks that live in that vicinity have in the past complained about shooting on the town owned rifle range and have gotten their way (for now) to silence the historical 100 year old former National Guard range. At other times they have tried to stop the Clinton Gaels from having night games because it was to loud, they’ve tried to stop interstate commerce by attempting to stop trains from running at night. The also worked to stop the trailering of boats to South Meadow pond among a plethora of other things that deny taxpayers the use of anything in that area.

Now we have more of the same tired old rhetoric in the form of Dennis Parker’s letter to the editor today, June 1, 2012. I personally don’t believe all the Selectmen have the best interests of all citizens of Clinton on their minds with regard to anything near South Meadow. If they get their way police will be shooting .40 caliber handguns in a small trailer parked downtown. Is this a safer way for police to qualify? NOT A CHANCE! As for the cost, is $6000 a year for a trailer near central park cheap? No it’s a damn travesty. Every year, each officer will get exactly 1 hour of qualification time for this $6000.

Qualification is only one aspect. The police need a place to practice so the qualification is only a formality. Our department is denied this capability by the ban on shooting at our town owned range and perpetrated by a select few, self serving but connected individuals with backing from a rich man.

I have to laugh at the scare tactic of raising our taxes. Anyone who can read will see the article doesn’t have a cost. and further it can only be funded by town meeting. The qualification range can be built and maintained through free sand from a willing abutter, cleaned up by the Boy Scouts or a service organization and at no cost to taxpayers.

Please remember that Dennis Parker, the person that wrote the letter to the editor illegally took soil samples from the 100 year old range, had them tested and submitted them to the DEP to try and harm the Town of Clinton. The DEP had NO ISSUE with them and they came from a range used for 100 years.

Don’t fall for the lies and misinformation circulated by those that want their own private enclave. Vote yes to support your local police and their ability to practice and keep us safe.

Please vote yes on Article 36.

Here is the Item letter to the editor:  http://www.telegram.com/article/20120601/COULTER01/106019863/1189/coulter

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