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Bloodsport Explained

I really liked this article by Robert Nemeth published in the June 17, 2012 issue of the Worcester Telegram. I don’t usually post other work but thought his description of Bloodsport was good. So here’s a snippet and the link, Enjoy.


Robert Nemeth

They say football is a brutal game. But compared with politics during an election season, it is harmless recreation. Unfortunately, election season in America seems to stretch year-round. But with a close presidential contest and dramatic Senate race in progress this year, politics is a blood sport in 2012.

The operative words are “double standards.” While the liberal left subjects Republican candidates to close scrutiny, it tends to give favored Democrats a pass. The behavior of some of the state’s top leaders, including Boston Mayor Tom Menino and Gov. Deval Patrick, who tried to excuse Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren’s false claim of minority status as “irrelevant,” was nothing short of absurd. They couldn’t say she was telling the truth in the face of evidence suggesting otherwise, so they said the truth was inconsequential. No wonder integrity and ethics are in short supply in government. It is safe to say that if Scott Brown, or any other Republican, had lied about their ethnicity, they would have been castigated mercilessly.

(One especially tortured reasoning offered by Warren apologists was that since she was born in a state known for its Native American history, her claim of Cherokee ancestry was plausible. That is like saying that a native of Hungary would be entitled to claim Tartar heritage.)


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