Tuesday, April 24, 2018 16:10

Spring Has Sprung – Bloodsport Is In The Air

The beauty of spring is here and with that comes the local election season. Unlike last year there is actually a contested selectmen’s race, although the cast is made up of all selectmen and former selectmen. So much for new blood…Pun Intended!

Vying for seats are incumbents David Sargent and Maryrose Dickhaut and former selectmen Mark Iacobucci and Kevin Haley. This is actually a very interesting turn of events. I don’t remember anytime in the past when all the candidates were former selectmen.

I’m going to leave you hanging for a while and not comment on what I think may happen or on the candidates. I’ll wait until the caucus and see if anyone is put up as a potential “spoiler”. That will be very telling.

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  1. Joe Luke says:

    Why is the blog Clintonmass. us, which you have a link under Freedom of Speech completely locked out? Are they paranoid or what? Some freedom of speech. Why are you linking it here when it not freedom at all? Are you a loon too?


    From Joe the Owner of this BLOG: I think “Joe Luke” which is not the poster’s real name is confused. Bloodsport is linked to from both clintonmass.us and clintonmass.com but has no relationship otherwise. These are separate websites, we crosslink for the ease of our readers. So “Joe Luke” should I tell everyone your “real name” or what? I found your email address during an IP search at Youporn.com, Are you a pervert?

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