Tuesday, April 24, 2018 16:08


Hey all you voters,

Please get out to cast your votes tomorrow June 25th.

I ask you as a person who cares to not vote for Kevin Haley as he would be a disaster to the Town of Clinton.

Personally I’m voting for Marc Iacobucci, He can get along with all the rest of the board and is not an arrogant person like Mr. Haley,  but someone who would listen and vote based on actual reasoning.   Dave Sargent is also a gentleman and will likely win first place.  So I do find it extremely important to make sure 2nd goes to Mark I.

With Haley it’s his way or the Highway.   Not a good attribute for a public official.

Also if you can see it in your heart, please vote for Gabriel Gomez, Ed Markey is a communist bastard.

As for the rest, Good luck to Tara Coyne on her race for Collector and either one of the school committee candidates are worthy.   (Bates seems a bit more approachable to me anyway.)

Joe Notaro

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