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Where's Weeksie?

In a blatant show of disrespect for the voters of Clinton, Robert Weeks, candidate for the Clinton Board of Selectmen didn’t show up for candidates night  as I predicted a month or so ago.  The reasons for this are very simple, his handlers, Kevin Haley, Maryrose Dickhaut and the rest believe that you loose far less votes by not showing up and feigning a prior engagement, illness or lame excuse  instead of actually showing up and being made out to be a complete ignoramus. Bill Connolly would have eaten Weeks alive as he has excellent knowledge of the issues that face Clinton.

As good old Honest Abe said: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Well myself and others aren’t easily fooled, Mr. Weeks DOES NOT deserve a place in Clinton’s Town government.

My highest praise goes  to all the candidates that did show up for for candidates night. All the school committee candidates  showed up as well as three of the five assessors candidates.

I’m focused on the Selectman’s race and have to say that Bill Connolly was the hands down winner. Clifford Blake did answer some questions, but I nearly died when he started reading answers from his candidates profile and the other very general statement he keeps posting online at the different forums.

I also thought it was in poor taste for him to leave as soon as he was done and not display the courtesy of staying and listening to the other candidates that listened to him.

Please Vote Connolly May 4th

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10 Responses to “Where's Weeksie?”

  1. Mariah says:

    I was there and though Bill had much more to offer in terms of specific answers to questions. Blake did ok, but failed to impress, as far as I am concerned.

    And, I for one was glad Bill stayed to hear from the School committee candidates.

  2. Clifford Blake says:

    I know joe could never write anything good about me, but thats just him.

    Remember to Vote for Blake for selectman on may 4th

  3. Joe says:


    Did you or did you not read many of your answers from your candidates profile and from that generalized post you kept posting over and over. there was no revelation last night that made me go “WOW” this guy has all the answers. You said wait until candidates night and then we would see. All I saw was the same old same old! I call em’ like I see em’.

    I will say that you were right to call out Weeks for not showing up. See I just wrote something good about you! Remember one thing, I don’t have anything personal against you, I just believe that Bill is the best person for Selectman.

    BTW, look up what a “Hack” is before you go and call people names! You call me names and expect me to give you accolades, yeah right!



  4. Ken says:

    “I know joe could never write anything good about me, but thats just him.”

    Mr. Blake, it’s too bad that you are so reactionary toward criticism. I hope that you can work on that in preparation for any future political endeavors. It would serve you well.


  5. Bill Connolly says:

    I was disappointed that Cliff couldn’t be bothered staying for the other candidates. That was disrespectful. I stayed and learned a lot about the other candidates.

  6. NewtoClintonPol says:

    After watching the debate as a true ‘newbie’ to Clinton politics, I must say I was impressed with both candidates. I also give kudos to Mr. Blake for stepping into the Lion’s den of local politics. He seems to be an informed voter who thinks he can make a positive difference to the town. However, I must reply to handful of bloggers. Understanding this is a ‘Pro Bill’ site and most online users are supporting him… I have to say the juvenileness and dare I say vitriol that is coming from Mr. Connolly’s supporters is an embarrassment to them selves and to Mr. Connolly’s campaign.
    Joe (as well as other users to Bloodsport/ClintonMass) , I admire your passion in supporting your friend and you have every right to your opinion of who is more ‘experienced’ but try to keep in mind that both sides really know nothing about the other person. Try not to be a typical ‘blogger’ and more of an informer.

    Just a thought.

  7. Chrissy says:

    For starters it is weird that the headline states.. “Where’s Weeksie?” and everyone talks about Blake.

    For starters I have never written anything on these websites but I really wanted to point out that I thought that the both selectmans did great answering the question. What impressed me the most was that Blake has only lived in this town for a short amount of time and kept right up with Mr. Connolly, he agreed with him, so that should show this town that Blake knows his stuff for not being a life long resident. But both did very well.

    Also I think that Wetherbee and West did great.. Mariah did not impress me by no means, and Fred I feel bad for him because he tried his best… You got my vote Wetherbee and West on May 4th… As for Selectman I have not made my mind up yet.. Keep up the good work all, and Good Luck to all the Candidates!!!!!!!!

    Maybe the next time when you write about a topic (“Where’s Weeksie?”) we should stick to the topic….

    Note from Joe: Chrissy, I find it very interesting that you aren’t even a resident of Clinton! Someone who lives in sterling shouldn’t be tossing their opinion on here about a Clinton election. Then again maybe your Brother in law(s) put you up to it!

  8. Joe says:


    I just don’t know where to start, but since you posted an identical post at I’ll start with the reply I gave you there:
    You are correct, the blog is my opinion on Clinton politics, as a former Selectman I do think I have the unique qualification of actually having run a campaign and having held multiple elected positions. That being the case I write about exactly what I feel like writing about but with the advantage of having “been there, done that”.

    My Blog is not not necessarily an information source, think of it as an opinion column! My opinion column.
    Next you wrote: Understanding this is a ‘Pro Bill’ site. (In regard to

    Ken Replied: This site has been called many things. ‘Pro Bill’ has not been one of them. : )

    You replied back: Well said Ken.. It was a cut and paste from bloodsport.

    And finally I replied: Nowhere on my Blog did I call a “Pro Bill site”. (Although Bloodsport or Myself as it were, support Bill 110%)
    So whoever you are, (I do believe you should send along your real name)
    A) I don’t for a second believe that you are a “true newbie” to Clinton politics as you certainly have a great grasp of the “cut and past joke. The tenor and content of your message shows that you know exactly what you’re talking about. I’d go as far as saying you are part of the Weeks campaign and trying to gin up votes for him so Weeks wins!
    B) You really need to brush up on that English as juvenileness isn’t a word, at least in the English language.
    C) Cliff Blake is a brave soul to step into the netherworld of Bloodsport, AKA Clinton politics. I stand by my assertion he WILL NOT win.
    D) No Vitriol here or from Bills supporters, just the facts and my opinion.
    Mr. Blake DID read many of his answers from his published candidate profile and read it aloud at candidates night. He also read from the generalized statement he posted at both forums. He did leave immediately after he was done and didn’t stay to hear the other candidates that sat through his presentation. ALL of that was true, do you have a problem with the truth Mr. anonymous?

    One last thing, I still think Mr Weeks was disrespectful to Clinton voters by blowing candidates night off and I applaud Mr. Blake for coming and participating!

  9. Clifford Blake says:

    I could not stay for the entire forum for reasons . But I watched the rest on tv. I feel West and weatherbee have this in the bag. Joe thanks for the compliment. and your wrong. and still a HACK for Bill. My opening and close statement yes you have heard before but everything else was off the cuff. and your BOY BILL AGREED WITH EVERYTHING I SAID….watch the tape.
    Note From Joe: Clifford evidently doesn’t understand what a HACK is. So for his information here is the definition: a politician who belongs to a small clique that controls a political party for private rather than public ends.

    Now that Clifford knows what a HACK is I will spell out my, I am not a politician (I played one on TV for a while!) but a private citizen for starters, I believe Bill Connolly is the best suited and experienced person for the job. I have nothing to gain by Bill being elected accept having someone I believe in, and who in my opinion will be the best choice to govern our town.

    Cliff should not be so condescending as to call Bill MY BOY, Bill is his own man. You don’t have the demeanor to be a Selectman.

  10. Diva says:

    After candidates night Bill C is the real winner- Yes Cliff did call out Mr. Weeks absence which was a plus…but his answers to the questions asked were hollow. And he didn’t stay to hear the other candidates speak, which was very disgraceful.

    Vote Bill C for selectman May 4th

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