Friday, March 23, 2018 01:19

About Bloodsport

This Blog is intended to give the reader added facts and commentary about Clinton Massachusetts politics. Many of the articles will be about the back stories and things you might not read in the local newspapers, some of it will be my opinion and guest writers may also be featured.

Like Tip O’Neil once said “all politics is local”, well we as citizens need to keep a close eye on the local goings on and make sure that the will of the people is always heard and acted upon. Because as history shows it doesn’t always work that way

The moniker Bloodsport, is the tongue in cheek name Clinton Politics has been given. Having served a term as Selectman and a term on the Charter Commission I can attest that the name is very appropriate.

Finally, I’m not a professional writer, nor do I profess to be. So if my grammar is lousy or I don’t punctuate well, cut me a little slack, it’s the content that counts.

Joseph P. Notaro, Jr.

P.S. If you have any information, hints or idea’s for articles please email me.