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A Golden Road For The Few.

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

It’s about time I got around to this column, I was slightly surprised to see that Jim McGovern was proffering a $250K “entitlement” to the town or in reality to the private enclave up on S.Meadow Rd.  A new road and culvert we read, the golden road for the few and connected. I could name many other roads in town that need help before this wasteful spending of OUR tax dollars.

Inserted into some “waste of money, spending bill”  is an earmark to please the SMPWA and the folks that want no one to make noise, use motorboats or target shoot near the NOW GATED South Meadow pond.

Talk about pandering to his “VOTERS” McGovern doesn’t even have the  money in hand or approved. This is a waste of out tax dollars as the causeway is  intact. This money would widen the culvert and it would also repave and widen S.Meadow Rd… Wahhhh, the road flooded once during a 100 year flood and now we need a new one…give me a break, the culvert works fine on the other 99 years and 364 days.

If these proponents of free spending do get the money that’s supposedly allocated, the least they could do is construct a new boat ramp that would allow the now locked out senior citizens and handicapped with renewed access, this is a must. With a widened road it would be possible and with the large sum of money it is financially able to be done.

But, and this is a big but, I doubt the residents of the more and more restricted area would approve. Seniors and handicapped with large motorized boats would break the deafening silence and the petulant anti-public access folks would have a hissy fit.

Let’s hold their feet to the fire and if the money is approved, request a boat ramp, for our handicapped and elderly friends and neighbors who are now on the outside looking in!

Stuffed Suits, Lawsuits and Arrogance

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Well Lancaster’s at it again, the town of Lancaster has filed a lawsuit against the Town of Clinton and it’s own Zoning Board of Appeals. The newspaper account lists Lancaster as the plaintiff through its building commissioner Peter Munro.

It’s beyond belief, the Lancaster ZBA who was required to setup a hearing within 65 days of the filing of an appeal by Clinton has now led the building commissioner to file suit against them(ZBA) and the town of Clinton.  All because they couldn’t get their act together and have the hearing in a timely manner which resulted in constructive approval. (of Clinton’s Appeal)

If one is to believe the party line, then Peter Munro, The building commissioner was supposedly “aggrieved” by Clinton’s claim as well as by the ZBA’s not having the hearing 65 days after the filing by Clinton, what a joke!  My opinion is the tail is wagging the dog, that is, Mr. Orlando Pacheco Lancaster’s  Town Manager orchestrated this bogus lawsuit because he is acting like a petulant child, showing his arrogant and blatant disregard for the Clinton Police Force and therefore the town. I’m sure he told HIS BOS that he was going to have Mr. Munro file suit and they agreed like good little pawns, but make no mistake, Pacheco is the puppet-master, pulling all the strings behind the scenes in my opinion.  I do wonder who is paying the price for his dog and pony show?

Was Mr. Munro really “aggrieved” not in my opinion, it’s just the next move, actually Orlando’s next move in a hallucinogenic game of chess Lancaster is playing with the Town of Clinton. They had the audacity to deem their residentially zoned firing range “legal” and issue themselves  a special permit at a hearing last year and then didn’t apply the same logic or precedence to the Clinton range, what hypocrisy.  We have ours and you can’t have yours.

Clinton has contended that the Police should be able to qualify at the rifle range and were willing to set parameters such as hours of operation and whatever else was brought to the table…Lancaster refused, talk about belligerent behavior.  Hopefully Clinton will win the suit and the deafening silence will go away, replaced by officers qualifying with their firearms to help keep the population of Clinton safe.

A Step In The Right Direction

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

I was very happy to see that the Planning Board recently gave preliminary approval to Brady-Sullivan of Manchester N.H. to develop the former Lancaster Mills.

I applaud the Planning Board for doing what was right rather than what was politically expedient.  Chairman Mary Rose Dickhaut and Selectman Kevin Haley again stated in an open meeting of the BOS that they were against it. Selectman Bill Conolly stated he was for it and I’m not sure where the others stood.

For the leadership of this town to say NO to sorely needed tax revenue and potential short term jobs building out the project and longer term jobs that would be available in the commercial industrial portion is just plain foolish and lack any vision for the town as a whole.

Again, thanks to all who made it happen, you did the right thing!