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Who Is Behind Door Number 3?

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Who Is Behind Door Number 3?

March 18: Nomination papers due at 5pm<–Done
March 27: Nominating caucus, if quorum (25) is met<—Next Bloodsport Event.
April 1: Last day to withdraw from the ballot
April 14: Last day to register to vote in the town election
May 4: Election 7am to 8pm at Town Hall

Ok the papers are in and the contests are set, well sort of set in wet cement. I’m sure that the next step in our vaunted Selectboard race will be the entry of a Dickhaut candidate installed at the caucus. There is no way on Gods green earth she’s going to allow either Bill Connolly Jr or Clifford Blake II to get that seat without a fight. I have heard a name (read-former selectman and Dickhaut loyalist) that may be recruited to run against the two current candidates. I would suggest to you all that if you want a race without the trappings of a total mudslinging, bloodsport event that you show up at 5pm March 27th and vote no to whoever the Dickhaut camp tries to dredge up and to run. They had the last few months to recruit someone and get their papers signed and returned. I think the caucus is a partisan remnant of our old  election system that went the way of the pony express back in the early 1970’s.  It’s real usefulness is gone and it’s used as a backdoor attempt to cause problems and “outsmart the system of actually pulling papers and showing your” hand” In short its the cowards way out or into a race, unless it’s to recruit a candidate for an empty seat or unopposed seat.

We Have A Contender

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

As I alluded to in my previous article, there was a name bandied about that I believe is a good replacement for Tony Fiorentino. Well he has taken out papers and is running for the Clinton Board of Selectman. With municipal experience gained from serving on the School Committee, Charter Commission, Finance Committee, Parks & Recreation, numerous building committees and as a scout leader, I present to you, in this corner, a veteran of many town elections, town meetings and a man who needs no further introduction, William F. Connolly, Jr.

It looks like this Bloodsport season is shaping up to be a barnburner, with contested seats on the Board of Assessors, Town Moderator, School Committee and so far one person for the Board of Selectmen.

Power Tripping – Clinton Style

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Just like Russian troops invading Georgia the Clinton Board of Selectmen, in a disgusting display of power and favoritism made their yearly appointments.

Police Lt. Joseph Cassasanto was terminated from the retirement board in favor of Selectman Sheridan’s Uncle George. (She did abstain from the vote but it seems the fix was in.)

Dr. Gregory Stahl was terminated as well, He had recently finished standardizing Clinton’s employment application and was working on updating the personnel bylaw as well as implementing a sexual harassment policy (The town has none). Mary Sulkowski had resigned leaving two appointments. on the Personnel board. Again, the power trip knob was turned up to high, in Stahl’s place Sheridan’s sister and former board member Maryann Castillo were anointed. (Sheridan abstained, no matter the die had already been cast)

In the Fuller Field appointment, longtime Dickhaut supporter John Merriman was picked over Coaches and folks with a vested interest in the field. Once again Selectman Sheridan had to abstain because a relative was also up for reappointment on this commission.

Just how many relatives do you you really need to run a town? I remember a letter that Mr. Sheridan (Selectman Sheridans Husband) once wrote to the newspaper stating that in Clinton appointments were allowed to be held into until the person resigned as that was the honorable thing to do. I guess it’s all a matter of do as I say not as I do in the case of Clinton Politics, a Bloodsport indeed!