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Caucus Results

Monday, March 30th, 2009

OK,  door number three held a candidate named Robert Weeks. When asked why he ran he said said he’s not pursuing a specific agenda in his campaign,”just a lot of common sense.” “I just figured I can be good for the town,” he said, when asked why he decided to run. He doesn’t have a bit of experience or knowledge of town government it seems.

That’s a pretty lame statement to make after accepting the nomination from the caucus which was run by Clinton Selectmen, who in their infinite wisdom decided they needed another lackey to try to keep their board as weak and controllable as possible.

There will be no dissension, there will be no 4-1 votes, just a 5 member board singing kumbayah and railroading the citizens of Clinton…That is if you the Citizens let then to get away with it! Don’t allow it, Bill Connolly has more “common Sense” and savvy than this guy will ever have. He’s nothing but a yes vote for Maryrose Dickhaut and Kevin Haley. Good luck Clinton, this would be without a doubt the worst, most inept board to ever govern the town of Clinton.

Bloodsport doesn’t even amply describe the crap that went on here. Lets give this guy the heave ho and Vote Yes for a common sense candidate, Please vote Bill Connolly for Selectman.

No idea about this Wood guy who’s running against Dale DiMeco, He’s only been on the Planning Board for a month or two, hasn’t even gotten to prove himself yet.

Door Number 3 part-2

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Door Number 3 part-2

Door number three is rumored to contain the candidate that the Dickhaut camp is backing. The latest rumor is pretty wild as the person (who I think is a good guy!) would have quite a few conflicts of interest. Why would anyone want to be a puppet of that regime? I reach out to this person and please ask him to reconsider what he’s doing. If you have been causually told you’re business is in jeopardy, or an associate wants you in to make sure stuff gets done, please rethink your position. It’s not a good place to be in Clinton Politics as the fallout would be rotten depending on who you would have to deal with. The public also would want a free thinking person not a shill for the Dickhaut camp. Again for your sake, please rethink this decision carefully. Doing the caucus thing for the sake of political favors also leaves people with a bad taste. I guess we’ll know on Friday night won’t we.

March 18: Nomination papers due at 5pm<–Done
March 27: Nominating caucus, if quorum (25) is met<—Next Bloodsport Event.
April 1: Last day to withdraw from the ballot
April 14: Last day to register to vote in the town election
May 4: Election 7am to 8pm at Town Hall