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Backpedaling And Ignoring Our Real Issues

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

In the latest edition of the Tines and Courier here is what Lancaster Town Administrator Orlando Pacheco has to say about OUR rifle range:

“Lancaster doesn’t want police barred from shooting at the Brandli parcel — it wants to talk. So said Town Administrator (TA) Orlando Pacheco this week, adding that he was disappointed with the anger and name-calling that followed Lancaster Building Inspector Peter Munro’s letter to Clinton selectmen, late last month, ordering them to “cease and desist” discharging of weapons at the rifle range off South Meadow Road.”

“We know the Clinton Police Department qualifies [its officers to carry firearms] in October,” Pacheco said Tuesday. “We wanted to send that, really, as a way of motivating them to file a special permit.

First off there is no WE in a unilateral decision. Pacheco reportedly ordered the Lancaster Building Inspector to issue the cease and desist order. I’m not so sure that it was at the request of any Lancaster resident either.

But was it as unilateral as it looked??? I’d make an educated guess or call it my opinion that it wasn’t. (The Lancaster BOS were out of the loop).  As the story unfolds we find that the police officer that was verbally browbeat  (this has been described as a hissy fit.) for practicing there was met at the gate by Clinton BOS Vice Chairman LeBlanc, his friend and a Clinton firefighter who lives nearby.

Second, isn’t it strange that instead of requesting to be on the agenda of a Clinton BOS meeting a cease and desist order was issued…to get Clinton to talk!?  this is all too coincidental. Backpedaling is a better word to describe this. I’ll wager an educated guess that there was collusion between the two CLINTON selectmen involved as well as the Lancaster TA.  Yes, the anti second amendment and anti law enforcement duo  most likely called their willing ally in Lancaster and requested the cease and desist be ordered against their OWN police department.  Now the Lancaster TA  said it was to get Clinton to talk, fat chance. It was just another ham handed effort by our horrendous pair of self serving selectmen to silence the rifle range.

Another quote from the Times and Courier:

Dickhaut and LeBlanc also defended a meeting they had attended, separate from the other selectmen, to discuss the cease-and-desist order with the police chief and town administrator.

“On Sept. 20, I was called by two residents, one in Clinton, one in Lancaster,” LeBlanc said. “I was told there were two people shooting.” He walked to the property and “encounter[ed] one of Clinton’s police officers coming out of the range in his police vehicle with a private citizen. … I thought the [2007] cease-and-desist order applied uniformly.”

LeBlanc asked for the meeting with Police Chief Mark Laverdure, “just to have a discussion,” he said. “I didn’t believe there was disciplinary action required.”

This is a half assed mea culpa, two selectmen meeting with the police chief without the rest of the BOS knowing anything about it and for a for a pretty long meeting, then asking him to order his men to not use the range is a bit more than a “DISCUSSION“. This borders on an abuse of power to get their self serving agenda item finished.

Of course there was no disciplinary action required, the police have always qualified there and should in perpetuity. that range is Clinton’s range and has been for 80 plus years. The chief is being put in the middle by this pair.

These selectmen should be finished, thrown out of office when their terms are up. We don’t need self serving, power abusing officials who have no clue what our real issues are. look no further than this…

…The state has said it would be cutting local aid again and this inept pair hasn’t even started looking at ways to save jobs…yes proactively looking at all options to save law enforcement, firefighters, DPW workers, school personel and non-union employees. Once again Clinton Selectmen are playing their fiddles while Clinton burns,  it’s just absolutely unbelievable and so damn amateurish!

Secret Meetings Update

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Once again the anti rifle range pair of Clinton Selectmen, Chair Mary Rose Dickhaut and James LeBlanc have shot off their mouths. This time is different though, In a meeting with Police Chief Mark Laverdure the pair without prior authorization or prior knowledge of the rest of the BOS summonsed the Chief to a meeting at Town Hall. During this meeting the pair asked the Chief to order his officers to stop shooting at the rifle range and find somewhere else to perform shooting qualifications.

This practice is not only unethical, inappropriate and likely illegal but also violated the other Selectmen’s rights to be a part of any policy decision regarding the Police Department. They are the Police Commissioners after all.

Dickhaut and LeBlanc have once again used their positions of power to try and politically manipulate the usage of the Clinton Rifle Range. This practice is an abuse of power and must be stopped immediately. These two Selectmen have done more to harm relations between the two towns and their police departments than any previous board ever has.

Lets see which Selectmen step up to the plate and support their Police Department and which ones are spineless jellyfish in the face of controversy! I suspect I know the answer and don’t look forward to writing about the 4-1 vote.

These two need to be voted out of office and are a total disgrace to the Town of Clinton. They  are individuals who have put their own agenda first and public safety last.


Last night the BOS voted 3-2 to appeal the cease and desist order against the Clinton Police Department. I’d like to publically thank Selectmen William F.Connolly Jr, Kevin Haley and Kathy Sheridan for doing the right thing and trying to uphold the Town of Clinton’s right to use it’s property and for standing up for local Law Enforcement.

As for Lancaster, Town Administrator Orlando Pacheco who ordered their Building Inspector to issue the cease and desist, he certainly knows he works for the Selectmen doesn’t he! Actually by doing Dickhaut and LeBlanc’s bidding for them I would say he just doesn’t know which towns Selectmen he works for.  He unilaterally ordered the Inspector to issue the order without the Lancaster BOS knowledge or direction.
That’s a real nice way to foster employer-employee relations!

If I were on that board I wouldn’t tolerate an usurption of my duties and the further political and day to day friction it has caused between the parties involved.

Where is the leadership in Clinton

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

I find it very interesting that the BOS hasn’t been meeting on their two week schedule that was always the norm once summer was over. Even through the summer months they only met a couple times.

I have a really strong feeling that a lot of the town’s business is being conducted in a sub-rosa manner. There are a couple events that have lead me to this conclusion but I’m not at liberty to reveal these or my sources.

In the past when I was on the BOS we publicly vetted any and all subjects, large and small in front of the camera in public session, this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Our once transparent local BOS has become more like looking through a an algae filled aquarium. “I think I see something, well, maybe not. I don’t see  discussion on subjects that effect us or our town going on anymore.

-What’s the status of the potential 4+ million dollar remediation of the leachate at the capped landfill?

-What’s going on with the Senior Center, we purchased the land and now what?

-How about water and sewer rates, it’s high time these are examined, before some future board inherits the need for a huge increase like when I was on the board. We inherited years of a lack of oversight and had to raise rates by a huge amount. This was unfair to both ratepayers and the then sitting board.

-Whats the year to date budget looking like, are we in good shape or just scraping by? Inquiring minds want to know.

I could go on and on but you get the picture, no information is forthcoming.

The state’s tax receipts are still falling month to month and there may be another cut to local aid, if so the BOS will be in reactive mode once again. Don’t you think Chairman Dickhaut would be working with the board to have a contingency plan in place if more budget cuts are needed? Maybe even meet with the Finance Committee to make sure the town is ready for what may transpire.

This BOS needs true leadership and to educate the citizens of Clinton on the issues that effect us now and will effect us in the future.

The need for transparency and the dissemination of information to the public is imperative if the citizens of Clinton are to be an informed electorate.  I guess that’s the key, they don’t want an informed electorate.

A quick thanks to DPW Super Chris McGown for putting down a skim coat of asphalt on Water St, it certainly makes driving it a lot easier, Thanks Chris!

A Step In The Right Direction

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

I was very happy to see that the Planning Board recently gave preliminary approval to Brady-Sullivan of Manchester N.H. to develop the former Lancaster Mills.

I applaud the Planning Board for doing what was right rather than what was politically expedient.  Chairman Mary Rose Dickhaut and Selectman Kevin Haley again stated in an open meeting of the BOS that they were against it. Selectman Bill Conolly stated he was for it and I’m not sure where the others stood.

For the leadership of this town to say NO to sorely needed tax revenue and potential short term jobs building out the project and longer term jobs that would be available in the commercial industrial portion is just plain foolish and lack any vision for the town as a whole.

Again, thanks to all who made it happen, you did the right thing!

Fun in the Italian Sun

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

While Clinton’s town officials labor to craft a tough budget in one of the worst budget years in memory, our illustrious BOS Chairman Maryrose Dickhaut is basking in the Italian sun on a three week vacation. People have been wondering why she didn’t attend the last couple meetings. So now you know and you also know why our Town Meeting was pushed out to the end of June, just so she could attend. As I stated before, this meeting is far too close to the end of the fiscal year for comfort.

While purportedly stating that she wanted to do the budget once and do it right, what was really going on was a personal agenda, hold the meeting off until she’s back from Roma or Venice. This was done with the help of Selectman LeBlanc who made the motion to have it Sunday the 28th then changed the motion to Monday the 29th.

The lack of leadership and self serving agenda is amazing. The other thing I have to mention is that Selectman Dickhaut’s brother, the health inspector is budgeted to receive a 7% raise. I believe it’s fiscally and morally wrong giving a raise this large while in the throes of the budget nightmare we’re in. This is your “leadership” at work. I certainly hope all who read this understand the implications of these actions as well as the total lack of leadership. Remember these actions well,  make a mental note of them and  don’t forget as you go to the polls next spring!

As an added note, please watch for someone planted in the Town Meeting audience to ask for a quorum count right after article 14.  This is the where the citizens petitions begin and certain public officials don’t want them to see the light of day.  I respectfully ask that all who read this please vote yes on articles 15 through 18.   These are the zero quorum article, BOS public comment article, adding the finance committee Chairman to the law committee and to fund the wind farm study which could help the town save about a million dollars year in energy costs.

Dissed At His First Meeting & Other Observations

Friday, May 8th, 2009

First Selectman Sheridan gave the BOS a little pep talk on how the Selectmen should be respectful to, and trust each other. Then within a very short time you have Chairman Dickhaut calling newly elected Selectman William Connolly “Hon” and Billy. To me that’s the height of disrespect during an official BOS meeting. Bill addressed her as Madame Chairperson which was respectful.

Dickhaut obviously likes to be the center of attention and seems real good at cutting other members off while they are speaking. This is unacceptable behavior from the Chairman. The duty of the Chairman (she made sure to mention she has been doing this for a loooooong time) is to run the meeting and allow for input from all Selectmen, not to cut them off as well as act dismissively to Mr. Connolly, who she obviously doesn’t like. She is of course allowed to give her opinion, but she takes it way to far, she practically filibusters on certain subjects and dominates the meetings.

I disagree with her first on the trust issue,if I were Bill, and I had four colleagues that tried to keep me from getting elected, by voting in their own candidate at the annual caucus and campaigning for him , I certainly wouldn’t be trusting any of them!  Second, all the selectman have the right to talk to the press and use any media including the internet to get their message out to the public, It’s called transparency in government…

On another note, the discussion about which projects to fund with stimulus money was like watching a bunch of kids argue over who gets what candy bar! I happen to agree that any project already funded through town meeting vote or other mandate should be at the bottom of the list not the top where they put them.

There’s never a dull moment in Clinton politics!

Where's Weeksie?

Monday, April 27th, 2009

In a blatant show of disrespect for the voters of Clinton, Robert Weeks, candidate for the Clinton Board of Selectmen didn’t show up for candidates night  as I predicted a month or so ago.  The reasons for this are very simple, his handlers, Kevin Haley, Maryrose Dickhaut and the rest believe that you loose far less votes by not showing up and feigning a prior engagement, illness or lame excuse  instead of actually showing up and being made out to be a complete ignoramus. Bill Connolly would have eaten Weeks alive as he has excellent knowledge of the issues that face Clinton.

As good old Honest Abe said: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Well myself and others aren’t easily fooled, Mr. Weeks DOES NOT deserve a place in Clinton’s Town government.

My highest praise goes  to all the candidates that did show up for for candidates night. All the school committee candidates  showed up as well as three of the five assessors candidates.

I’m focused on the Selectman’s race and have to say that Bill Connolly was the hands down winner. Clifford Blake did answer some questions, but I nearly died when he started reading answers from his candidates profile and the other very general statement he keeps posting online at the different forums.

I also thought it was in poor taste for him to leave as soon as he was done and not display the courtesy of staying and listening to the other candidates that listened to him.

Please Vote Connolly May 4th

Caucus Results

Monday, March 30th, 2009

OK,  door number three held a candidate named Robert Weeks. When asked why he ran he said said he’s not pursuing a specific agenda in his campaign,”just a lot of common sense.” “I just figured I can be good for the town,” he said, when asked why he decided to run. He doesn’t have a bit of experience or knowledge of town government it seems.

That’s a pretty lame statement to make after accepting the nomination from the caucus which was run by Clinton Selectmen, who in their infinite wisdom decided they needed another lackey to try to keep their board as weak and controllable as possible.

There will be no dissension, there will be no 4-1 votes, just a 5 member board singing kumbayah and railroading the citizens of Clinton…That is if you the Citizens let then to get away with it! Don’t allow it, Bill Connolly has more “common Sense” and savvy than this guy will ever have. He’s nothing but a yes vote for Maryrose Dickhaut and Kevin Haley. Good luck Clinton, this would be without a doubt the worst, most inept board to ever govern the town of Clinton.

Bloodsport doesn’t even amply describe the crap that went on here. Lets give this guy the heave ho and Vote Yes for a common sense candidate, Please vote Bill Connolly for Selectman.

No idea about this Wood guy who’s running against Dale DiMeco, He’s only been on the Planning Board for a month or two, hasn’t even gotten to prove himself yet.

Who Is Behind Door Number 3?

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Who Is Behind Door Number 3?

March 18: Nomination papers due at 5pm<–Done
March 27: Nominating caucus, if quorum (25) is met<—Next Bloodsport Event.
April 1: Last day to withdraw from the ballot
April 14: Last day to register to vote in the town election
May 4: Election 7am to 8pm at Town Hall

Ok the papers are in and the contests are set, well sort of set in wet cement. I’m sure that the next step in our vaunted Selectboard race will be the entry of a Dickhaut candidate installed at the caucus. There is no way on Gods green earth she’s going to allow either Bill Connolly Jr or Clifford Blake II to get that seat without a fight. I have heard a name (read-former selectman and Dickhaut loyalist) that may be recruited to run against the two current candidates. I would suggest to you all that if you want a race without the trappings of a total mudslinging, bloodsport event that you show up at 5pm March 27th and vote no to whoever the Dickhaut camp tries to dredge up and to run. They had the last few months to recruit someone and get their papers signed and returned. I think the caucus is a partisan remnant of our old  election system that went the way of the pony express back in the early 1970’s.  It’s real usefulness is gone and it’s used as a backdoor attempt to cause problems and “outsmart the system of actually pulling papers and showing your” hand” In short its the cowards way out or into a race, unless it’s to recruit a candidate for an empty seat or unopposed seat.

A Hypocrite Is Someone Who Acts Contradictory To His Actions

Friday, February 20th, 2009

The Board of Selectmen are the Licensing Authority for the Town of Clinton, as such the following hypocritical quotes from chairman Kevin Haley are disturbing at best, showing no leadership whatsoever. These quotes are from the Worcester Telegram:

“Selectman Kevin R. Haley, the chairman, said his board has no authority to issue a liquor license extension to the Old Timer.

“My understanding is it’s the fire chief’s decision, and he should be able to decide whether the law pertains to the Old Timer, or it does not pertain to the Old Timer,”

“It’s a shame we’ve come to this point — that the chief has not been able to work things out with the Old Timer”

So how come with regard to the other sprinkler issues in town did this very same person and same board voted to ORDER the Fire Chief to sign a liquor license against his judgment? I’d say this is the usual modus operandi of the board – A total lack of leadership, dictators when it suits them and the “who me” excuse when it doesn’t.

I don’t know all the particulars and love to dine at the OT’s. I do however believe the BOS and especially Chairman Haley and MaryRose Dickhaut are continually trying to setup the Chief for failure as they’ve been gunning for him. They’ll do whatever it takes to show him in a poor light, no matter what…Actually, they never let the facts get in the way of their self serving agenda!