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A Concerned Citizen

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Mr. John Martin addressed the BOS last night during public comment and told them that they “needed to change the way they delivered services” due to reduced state aid – This is an understatement, They need to meet regularly like previous boards did. When I was on the BOS from 2005-2008 we met every 2 weeks accept during July and August. Certainly more than the once a month or so they meet now. They should be meeting every other week to not only carry on our business but to brainstorm on how to make Clinton a better, more prosperous town. How about reigning in costs as Mr. Martin illustrated?

Regionalization, the BOS talked about this a year ago and it slipped through the cracks, Mr. Martin reminded them which is great! It all comes down to a something called leadership. Anyone can be trained to run a meeting but to lead you need to step up and lead by example. Clearly the Clinton BOS doesn’t know this or how to do it. First you need to meet more than once a month, second, you actually need to come up with original idea’s or tried and true idea’s other towns have implemented and then put them into action.

People like Mr. John Martin are very important to our town and it’s citizens, We need watchdogs and especiallyn a watchdog group to hold the BOS to some kind of standard, to keep these elected officials working for “We the people” and to give pro-active input on important subjects and policy issues.  I will give Mike Dziokonski his propers as he actually volunteered to take care of some items the BOS has not dealt with.

They put a spin on it like they were doing all manner of things and we don’t know what’s going on. Of course things are being done, if not the town would close down. There are subjects that have been discussed and not executed or implemented, some are which Mr. Martin was talking about when he said They “needed to change the way they delivered services”. The main point Mr. Martin illustrated  was to change with the times and economy, become pro-active and actually work on the things that will help Clinton thrive or at least survive.

Thank you Mr. Martin, you have my support and my thanks for being OUR advocate. Please keep up the good work, if you need any help or information I’m here to help.

Economic Damnation

Friday, January 21st, 2011

I find it quite disconcerting that the Town of Clinton via the Board of Selectmen have given such little thought and action to the area of Economic Development. After the sudden departure of our last Community & Economic Development Director (Herein called Director) you would have thought it to be a clear wake up cal,l to hopefully spark a thorough study and to restore or redefine the position with the immediacy it deserved.

I believe the citizens of Clinton are really being cheated by the laissez faire attitude this important department and function have been given. The BOS has had since September 2nd 2010, the day Mr. Duff submitted his resignation to work on this and they have not done anything accept to give it lip service.

Look no further than the Town of Bolton, They have an Economic Development Committee that meets alongside their Town Planner. Why doesn’t our reactive BOS get off their keisters and do something proactive for a change. It’s not hard to start a committee (costs nothing accept advertising cost) and if formed our local talent could bring a lot of good data and ideas. Here is Bolton’s web page for reference.

I couldn’t help but notice the billboard in Bolton center asking residents to fill out an economic development questionnaire. Could you imagine Clinton doing something proactive like that? I couldn’t even fathom it with the current cast of characters. They voted to raise the tax rate split, becoming one of the few towns in the state to have such a tremendously high over-taxation of local businesses , that’s in my opinion. So much for economic development, it’s more like economic suicide.

So combine the fact we’re in what the economic community calls the “red zone” with regard to economic development and anybody moving a business here. For instance, if a company in Marlboro is paying much more per square foot to lease a building and could move here (ala Scholastic Book) and save quite a bit of money, it would be eaten up by the immense tax burden incurred.

There was a concerted effort back when Scholastic moved here to lower this rate a few percent per year to help in locating business here. This was wholeheartedly welcomed by our then Director Don Lowe and Chamber of Commerce Director Megan McCaffery.  Now we have a BOS with a cavalier attitude toward the business community and could care less about attracting new business. Yes, It’s a sad state of affairs when your elected leaders don’t really care to expeditiously address something this important, something that has the ability to improve our tax base and therefore our quality of life in Clinton.

I will again mention that Selectmen Connolly and Sheridan did try to lower the tax rate split only to be rebuffed by Selectmen LeBlanc, Dickhaut and Sargent.

Just wondering where the complete Master Plan is? I believe it has information about economic development in it and has not been offered to the public that I’m aware of. I did find a master plan goals document that had some suggestions. Why aren’t these used at least as fodder for discussion between the BOS?

From the master plan goals document, there is an economic development fact sheet on but it links to the master plan goals document. I’d like to read that too:

-Establish an Economic Development and Industrial Corporation (EDIC): marketing, acquisition/redevelopment of difficult sites.

-Reorganize rules, regulations and standards in commercial and industrial zones; emphasize quality.

-Adopt Chapter 43D, the Expedited Permitting Law; consolidate permitting procedures wherever possible, develop a permitting guide.

-Encourage commercial development of appropriate type, scale and appearance, considering surrounding land uses, setting and context

-Make fair, timely permitting decisions by publishing clear development standards and applying them consistently.

-Institute growth management policies that encourage infill development and reuse of existing buildings over new development in outlying areas of town

-Establish a full-time town planner position.

Boltons Gain – Our Loss

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Thanks in no small part to the Clinton Board of Selectmen and especially to Maryrose Dickhaut’s verbalization of her total lack of support for funding the office of Community and Economic Development, Don Lowe has taken the opportunity to apply for and be selected as Town Administrator for Bolton, Ma.

Don was always a gentleman to work with, and I wish him the best in his new position. I know he’ll thrive and Bolton will be all the better for it. They made a good choice.

As for Clinton, Don didn’t apply for the job in Bolton when it was first advertised as he was working on some projects here in Clinton. When the job was re advertised I believe it was after he had his “budget talk” with the Clinton Board of Selectmen. Dickhaut basically stated that the Office of Community and Economic Development is a burden that should not be funded. This is one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard. Really penny wise and pound foolish.

Mr. Lowe has in his tenure applied for and been responsible for the Town of Clinton receiving more than seven million dollars in grants for items ranging from infrastructure improvements including roads, sidewalks, water and sewer lines etc and of course the open space grant for the Rauscher Farm property. This is just one facet of that office. It has been instrumental in bringing businesses to Clinton, (just look as far as Scholastic Books) and retaining those that we have.

To even hint at the fact Clinton doesn’t need this function is so shortsighted and lacking in forward thinking I cannot comprehend how anyone could broach an idea so ridiculous and dangerous to our economic well being.

Ladies and Gentlemen, when your taxes are through the roof and downtown Clinton looks like a ghost town, you’ll know why, and who caused this to happen. It’ll be interesting to see if they fill the position, and if they do, who the worldwide search will find “right under our noses” to fill it.

Do people “get it” yet?  We have lost and are loosing some really good people in our town government. Tony Fiorentino has had enough, Phil Duffy called it quits and Don Lowe is leaving for a more stable job, one where he was wanted. The return to the past in our town government is what is doing it.  We’ll be lucky to find any foward thinking candidates that want to bother to serve.