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The Annual Bloodsport Season Begins!

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Election Schedule:

February 9: First day to take out nomination papers
March 16: Last day to take out nomination papers
March 18: Nomination papers due at 5pm
March 27: Nominating caucus, if quorum (25) is met
April 1: Last day to withdraw from the ballot
April 14: Last day to register to vote in the town election
May 4: Election 7am to 8pm at Town Hall

So the dates have been set and published, now its time for the sport to begin. I’ve heard a few juicy rumors on the street but none have been substantiated yet. Of course I’ll be updating this blog with the latest news and rumors, but it’s a bit premature yet.

I see that the Times and Courier has an editorial about a previous School Committee race and that these two dedicated parents would be obvious candidates if interested. I would have to agree with them.

Many thanks to Bernice McGrail for her three decades of service to Clinton’s children, You’ll be missed!

Lets hope for some great candidates to step up to the plate and help guide Clinton through the tough fiscal times ahead. There will be decisions to be made that won’t be easy and should be made with compassion, intelligence and common sense.

Let the Games Begin!