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I Respectfully Ask For Your Vote.

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

As I campaign and meet many of you and to those I may not run into in my travels, I respectfully ask for your vote for the position of Selectman.

If you read this BLOG from the beginning you will see I’ve documented what I believe are missteps taken by the BOS over the past couple years.  I also have a few stating that I agree with the course of action they’ve taken when they’ve done the right thing.

I believe I have the experience both from my municipal service as a Selectman, Charter Commissioner, member of multiple committee’s and sub-committee’s and from my professional experience as an engineer and project leader. In these roles I have had to make many hard decisions and work collaboratively with others.

I will be able to step into office and hit the ground running, there will be no learning curve, you will be fully represented from day one.

I also have a story to share with you, as I read at Clintonmass.com about “candidate apathy” I believe I know why at least one candidate hasn’t posted anything. It goes like this;

I was standing out Saturday and had a “conversation” with Mr. Joseph Trautner. I asked him about his comment at candidates night saying I gave the Police, Fire and DPW workers raises they shouldn’t have gotten. I responded yes, I did approve raises when I signed their contracts back in 2005-2006.  He said they didn’t deserve raises and that the Police and Fire should be cut in budget dollars and in size. I said what do you think we should do?  deputize people and use them to police the town?  to which he replied YES! I said what about if your house was on fire and he replied and I paraphrase “They (Fire Department) have never saved a building anyway” as well as something about having a volunteer department.  So take whatever you want away from that interchange.  I guess if I didn’t support public safety I wouldn’t want to post any of my information either!