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A Double Standard

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Lancaster has issued cease and desist orders to the Clinton Fish and Game and also to the Clinton Police Department stating that they cannot shoot at the Clinton rifle range because it’s partially located in Lancaster and zoned residential.

Well the range that the Lancaster Police use is located in Lancaster and is zoned residential…How is it that they can continue to shoot and qualify there and Clinton is prohibited?

I understand the Lancaster Police have requested a special permit to shoot on their residentially zoned range, if this is approved I would expect the same standard to be used for the Clinton P.D,  If not this is a complete double standard and totally unacceptable.

The Clinton BOS that hardly ever meets anymore (last meeting was somewhere like October the 7th) and is finally meeting again November 10th should be fighting for our sovereign right to use this resource. I really don’t care if it has to go to litigation.  Because very importantly if Clinton loses the right to shoot there and the range reverts to ” open land” there will be a $2,000,000+ bill for lead remediation and that is a hell of a lot more than a simple zoning litigation case will cost, and that’s why we have a Town Solicitor in the first place.

This whole thing is so out of control with the anti-gun duo of LeBlanc and Dickhaut causing disention beetween the two towns police forces that we probably are better off that they only meet every five weeks or so. They’ve pushed their self serving agenda to the limit, trying as hard as possible to keep the “blue collared, regular Joe’s” off that range and turn that section of town into a private enclave for the prestigious professionals that live there. Its a  private enclave for the priveleged. UNBELIEVABLE!

"Our Farm"

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

The long journey’s over and we’ve reached our ultimate destination, the public ownership of Rauscher’s Farm which is now “Our Farm” This title reminds me of the Thornton Wilder play “Our Town”. Indeed there are a few parallels that may fit here in Clinton. The first of which is the Carpe diem theme. In the play Wilder reminds the audience again and again that time is “a-flying” with references to passing trains–which, like life, move swiftly forward. In this case the Friends of Rauschers Farm and all like minded citizens did “seize the day” in a positive manner and held fast to the goal of both the purchase of the farm and the receiving of the self help grant. Always moving forward to debunk yet another falsehood or solve another problem in a seemingly never ending trail of issues. Losing the grant or farm was never an option.

Another theme was little things in life are really big things. Well the little things like treating all with respect even when being told this will never pass and answering even the most mundane questions over and over was a testament to this.

The theme “No town can isolate itself from the rest of the world” really hit home for me. So many other communities had bought open land to set aside for future generations to enjoy. And here I was being told at the beginning of the process that no one would vote to buy open land in Clinton. Well guess what, once people from other communities showed up and told their success stories, we gained momentum and found that “we the people” could make a difference…we the people did so and made history as well. This was the first and hopefully not the last open space purchase we see in Clinton.

So in the end all benefit, We all have open space to enjoy, no homes will be built bringing with them a cost that would be here forever in services. That alone would have amounted to the cost of the farm in fairly short order.

Thank you to everyone that worked hard to make this happen and to those who voted against it, it’s every bit as much yours as it is the peoples who voted yes. Have an open mind and go check it out, you just might just enjoy the scenery!