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A Step In The Right Direction

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

I was very happy to see that the Planning Board recently gave preliminary approval to Brady-Sullivan of Manchester N.H. to develop the former Lancaster Mills.

I applaud the Planning Board for doing what was right rather than what was politically expedient.  Chairman Mary Rose Dickhaut and Selectman Kevin Haley again stated in an open meeting of the BOS that they were against it. Selectman Bill Conolly stated he was for it and I’m not sure where the others stood.

For the leadership of this town to say NO to sorely needed tax revenue and potential short term jobs building out the project and longer term jobs that would be available in the commercial industrial portion is just plain foolish and lack any vision for the town as a whole.

Again, thanks to all who made it happen, you did the right thing!

New Projects Need Not Apply.

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

The withdrawal of the Brady Sullivan proposal for 160,000 SF of Commercial space and 139 condominiums at Lancaster Mills last night was another resultant blunder caused by the lack of forward thinking on the part of Town Agencies. I do applaud the few on the Planning Board who worked with Brady-Sullivan to compromise and come up with a workable plan only to be scuttled by the last minute protestations of Weetabix and members of the Clinton Board of Selectmen.

When officials start crying about the lack of tax revenue, please remember that Chairman Kevin Haley and Selectman Maryrose Dickhaut spoke out publicly against this project.  Haley went as far as to characterize it as “19th century style mill housing”, sounds like he’s been reading too many Charles Dickens novels.  Dickhaut warned it could end up like Oxford Court which was endorsed and developed during her watch. Also remember that when Weetabix does eventually move out of Clinton, which I believe they will do as they have already used the threat, that Clinton could have had a historically significant building revitalized, The intersection at Green and Chestnut streets re-engineered and jobs created within the commercial section of  the project.  Instead we’ll probably end up with another razed building and an area that looks like Baghdad after a carpet bombing, just like the former Rockbestos property and a possibly empty building where Weetabix was. Instead of a glass half full we’ll have an empty vessel. Par for the course I reckon!

As a side note: I’ll even bet that when the Selectmen set the tax rate this year that they’ll change the commercial-residential split to return us to our previous industry unfriendly former ways.